New Papervision3D Components!

Papervision3D Component Screenshot

[ new Custom Panel and Design-Time rendering in Flash IDE ]

Finally! After waiting for a couple of months, I’m able to release the new Flash CS3 Papervision3D Components! There’s a lot to cover, but to get things started, let’s look at the features:

  • Design-time render and editing in Flash IDE
  • 3 Material types supported – BitmapFileMaterial, BitmaAssetMaterial and MovieAssetMaterial
  • Creates MovieScene3D and Free or Target camera
  • Manages resizing / centering of Papervision3D scene [optional]
  • Dynamic masking to constrain the viewable render area to the bounds of the component [optional]
  • Full API and access to Scene, Camera, Collada objects to code around
  • Automatically loads materials via Collada file [when materials list is not given]
  • New Custom Panel for modifying rotation, camera zoom, camera focus, camera Z at design-time
  • Requirements: Flash CS3 (9)

    Ready to get started?
    Download it here

    You’ll needs some docs with that sauce:

    Wanna see it in real world action? I used it for the slide presentations at the class this last weekend at RMI.
    Here are the demo files and the project for the Jedi Training Sphere slide show
    NOTE: You must replace the component in all of the FLA’s – I didn’t go back and do this because of time πŸ˜‰ Just drag a fresh copy on to the stage, say “yes” to the overwrite in the library, and you’ll be good to go. Otherwise, you’ll see an error about JSFL.
    Or get them separately:

    Go here for an explanation of all of the demo files

    In case you wanted to see the Jedi Sphere in action, and thus, the slides from the classes:
    Developer’s slides
    Designer’s slides

    And of course, you can find all of that stuff out on Google code:
    Papervision3D google home

    Check out the video, this will get you going fast:

    Papervision3D Component Screenshot

    [ new settings panel: To get started, select a local directory. Then, select the COLLADA file you want to render ]
    Papervision3D Component Screenshot

    [ new Camera settings panel: use sliders to dynamically play with focus, zoom and Z ]
    Papervision3D Component Screenshot

    [ new Model panel: dynamically change the scale of the model using either the text box or slider. Then, rotate the scene with the sphere on the right ]
  1. ROCKS

  2. Drums hitting.

    Rocked new component. Simplicity as a fact of life.

    as you said 0/

  3. Oh wow! This looks great!

  4. Sweet! The OFLA2 presentation already looked promising, and now we can all use the magic, thanks!
    I’ll try it out soon, but first I need some sleep and kitesurfing πŸ™‚

  5. Another time John drives others crazy. Rock on!

    • mArsmAn
    • June 28th, 2007

    This is so great, can’t wait to try it out. Saw the component in action on osflash conf and couldn’t believe my eyes.
    btw perfect timing just before the weekend.
    Thanks a lot John

  6. I hate to be a the bearer of bad news – maybe I’m just doing it wrong – but I get JSFL errors whenever I try to open any of teh demo files – and when I start from scratch the PV3D panel doesn’t seem to correctly connect to the Collada Scene component on stage – i managed to load a file by typing paths in the component parameters panel – the browse functionality in the PV3D panel didn’t work at all – not even an error – and when I typed things in they were removed when I changed away from that ‘tab’ in the panel – the scale slider threw a massive message into the output panel and made the model complete disappear – even when I reset the scale. The only thing that did seem to work ok was the rotation sphere.

    I’m not criticising at all – this is clearly a fantastic component, just thought I’d let you know what has happened here when I tried to use it (PC, Windows Vista Ultimate)

    I will try it at work (XP) and let you know if any problems arise there (in which it is probably just me lol)

    The demos look awesome, I’m so impressed, I can’t wait to use this for real – huge thanks to you John, the other guys (you know who they are) and to the PV3D discussion list guys

  7. Great, you are my hero !
    Do you plan to make something for directly animed things on flash IDE ?

    • Nick
    • June 29th, 2007

    Great work John. Another reason to not clean my apartment.

  8. @Jon B: What version of Flash IDE are you using? I just have to confirm since your description sounds like total melt down πŸ˜‰

    Flash CS3 Professionl (final release, not beta)? I don’t think Professional has anything to do with it, but thought i’d ask.

    Did the install go ok? no errors? Did you use the latest Extension manager for CS3?

    Thanks for the heads up Jon!

  9. Hey John,

    Thanks for this great component. I’m hoping this is the “updated” version since the RMI class. Anyhow, I just want to thank you for the great PaperVision workshop at RMI and I learned a lot. I’m building a school project that uses the Papervision3D engine, and the stuff I learned at your workshop helps immensely. You were great. Keep up the Excellent Work!

  10. Thanks Ruperto – really appreciate that very much

    and yes, the components are updated since the class, so get the latest versions

  11. You are seriously the man John. I had such great time at both days of training, and really enjoyed learning first hand, about something this cool. It was awesome just to meet you, and thank you for rocking so hard. I was the PC guy, set-up on the left side of the room with the shark video demo, if you can remember. Anyhow, I downloaded the updated component, and I think the JSFL errors John B might be talking about only occur when you try to load a Collada file that’s outside the local directory. Otherwise, the component looks great, and works like a charm. The addition you made to the rotating feature is also pretty sweet, and makes it easier to maneuver.

  12. Great! I’m amazed, now flash and 3D are married together.

    Super work!

  13. Ok – tried at work (xp) and this is what I did.

    Downloaded the latest extension manager, installed that – installed your extension. Opened one of the demo files (Xwing.fla) and then opened the PV3D panel – got teh following error:
    Adobe Flash CS3
    The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

    At line 82 of file “C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Flash CS3\en\Configuration\Commands\papervision3d\setValues.jsfl”:
    TypeError: getParameter(parms, “colladaFile”) has no properties


    I’ve played around now and managed to laod a DAE file if I start from scratch – the file browser part of the PV3D Panel threw a few javascript errors about unterminated string literals tho the first couple of times I treid to select a file.

    Not sure if that is any help to you.

  14. @JonB -YES, that helps πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure why the error occured, but I’m guessing it’s because the component in the Xwing.fla is older than the one I pushed out yesterday and it doesn’t have a property called “colladaFile” (It used to be called fileRef).

    So, replace the component in the FLA with a fresh copy from the components panel, and that error will go away!

  15. @marco: DOOD I so remember you and I owe you $20 for turning in a project over night!!! I was telling R Blank that I forgot to hand out the award and felt bad ;(

    Thanks for being there and it was a ton of fun, I really enjoyed both days with you guys!

  16. Hey John the component is great. Only issue I found is that I worked with it yesterday and left it running to come into my machine that had a Flash javascript out of memory error. Although this could be from many things it seems if you leave hte panel open in the middle of work it gets this after many hours. I am not sure if that is just CS3 madness or not but that is the only issue I found.

  17. Thanks, there are similar loading issues with a lot of the demo files which makes sense now.

    I have a question for you – what version of PV3D is packaged with your component and what is the plan for keeping it updated with the latest PV3D developments?

    I love this component – I can only imagine it getting better too – seriously well done and many thanks.

  18. this is so sick! i cannot belive this is possible at design time! yer the man man!

  19. @Jon: It’s using the latest SVN version. So the idea will be to make sure the component is revised with each release of the package etc.

    Great question btw!

  20. @Ryan: Thanks for letting me know. I saw that on one occasion, but then it didn’t happen again. So, I’m not sure what I need to do with that. Basically, I’m pinging the stage to see if there’s a PV3D component selected. Since we can’t make CustomUI’s in Flash9/AS3 Swf’s (because they didn’t put that into the new version), I had to resort to making my CustomUI through JSFL calls with a custom panel

  21. […] john has really outdone himself this time. this takes alot of the tedium of testing and retesting your 3D scenes to make sure the objects are positioned correctly. […]

  22. Yeah, great news for today, finally v 1.0 !! Thanks!

  23. John, you freakin’ rock.

    • bobby
    • June 30th, 2007

    I’ll stick to java , this leaks memory

  24. Hey! Can an animated MovieClip be used as the “skin” showed in the video ?

  25. @Rafeo: Yes!!! that’s the whole point πŸ˜‰ If you look at the skins for the Jedi Sphere, one is a MovieClip and it includes a blinking light – which is just a movieclip going back and for between frame1 and 2.

    It’s cake!

  26. @Bobby: What does?

  27. John, I don’t know what you mean by you can’t make custom UIs in CS3 or AS3, I just did it easy, and it worked just like in AS2/8.

    Either way, the component looks sharp.

  28. @Andrew: You can assign a Flash9 Swf, but you can’t access the xch object because it wasn’t added to AS3 (If I remember what the answer was from adobe correctly). Adobe confirmed, you can’t use a Flash9/as3 swf as a CustomUI. You can assign it via the Component settings panel, but it won’t be able to interact with the properties of the component because it doesn’t have access to the xch object (which is the flux-capacitor of customUI/Component work)

  29. Are you serious? My bad, I assumed since you could add it, it would work. This kind of makes me very upset. So with your workaround, was it something comparable?

  30. @Andrew: yeah, here’s the blurb from another list:

    Adobe says:

    “I looked into it briefly, and it looks like this works exactly the same way it did before with AS2, but is not possible with AS3. This does not mean it cannot be done for AS3 components–it can. It just means the custom UI needs to be in AS2. A bit of a hassle i know. Since we weren’t doing this, no one ever looked at how it would work. We can probably make simple changes in the future to get AS3 custom UI working in cs4 and beyond.”

  31. @Andrew: Yeah, the workaround I did involves JSFL of course and a custom panel. I don’t like having to go through JSFL like that, but it DOES allow me to create the CustomUI in Flex2 – which rocks and saves me time on that development end. So, after you get the JSFL setup and running, you don’t really have to mess with it after that. But all values are passed as strings, so you have to work with it from there.

    • DPT
    • July 3rd, 2007

    Hey – the component looks awesome! great work! – Unfortunately the new component has tons of javascript errors on a mac and does not work with any of the demo examples – even when the component on stage is replaced with the newer version (Using Flash CS3). The old pre-release component, however works perfect on a mac.

  32. you my son are a jedi knight indead. amazing! p;)

    • July 6th, 2007

    I get JSFL errors if the local directory is different to the location of the DAE, seems to be some sort of split removing the slashes in the directory for the collada file. Im guessing that this may have been created on a MAC.

    Its all candy when the local folder is the same folder in which the dae resides however.

    AAAAAA+++++++++ excellent papervisioner!!!!!!

  33. Amazing Component.
    But how can I control it, like rotate at run time.

  34. make sure you give your component an instance name like ‘scene3d’

    Then, at runtime, just use yaw(), pitch() or roll() methods to itterate a move on the y/x/z axis’

    if you want to set it to a specific degree, use the rotationX, rotationY, rotationZ properties of the collada object.


    scene3d.yaw(1) – increments the model by 1 on the Y axis
    scene3d.rotationX = 20 – sets the rotation on the X axis to 20

    • Dude
    • July 18th, 2007

    scene3d.yaw(1) – increments the model by 1 on the Y axis
    scene3d.rotationX = 20 – sets the rotation on the X axis to 20

    That doesn’t work for me John. Just gives me the error message:
    1119: Access of possibly undefined property rotationX through a reference with static type org.papervision3d.components.as3.flash9:PV3DColladaScene.

  35. I’m an idiot:

    scene3d.collada.rotationX += 1;

    That’s what it should be πŸ˜‰ Thanks for pointing that out

    • Tri
    • July 20th, 2007

    Papervisoon3d v1.5 is alreadu out.
    When should we epxect to see your papervision component being updated ?

  36. amazing! time for adobe to make include native 3d support in flash.

    • hantu
    • September 6th, 2007


    if dont mind.would you show us some about how to use as3 to control the 3d obj???thank all

    • Sergio
    • September 20th, 2007

    have you made something with alternativa 3d flash engine too? they have a lot of things beeing discussed here

    still looking for whats going on here… sorry for my english

    ah! link

  37. Hi, my name is Matias Morales, I am a beginner in papervision issue. I want to know about: .dae files.
    .dae extension

    Thank you

  38. how to installe the component

  39. @wddaa: you need to have the Extension Manager for flash installed. you can download it from adobe’s site

    • Justin
    • December 5th, 2007

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m able to see the green Xwing in Flash, but when I try to export, I get this error:

    1119: Access of possibly undefined property sceneRotation through a reference with static type org.papervision3d.components.as3.flash9:PV3DColladaScene.

  40. If you’re FLA is pointing to the new 2.0 Papervision3d branch, then yeah it breaks the component. You need to remove that class reference and just compile with the code in the component

    • Justin
    • December 5th, 2007

    Thanks for the quick reply John. That fixed it!

  41. …..

    am i missing something here? i create a simple cube in 3D Studio max, and do NOTHING but export it to a collada DAE file.

    when i try loading it via your panel, i get several errors like this:

    DisplayObject3D: objMesh2
    Collada material FrontColor not found.
    DisplayObject3D: objMesh10
    Collada material FrontColor not found.

    what gives? the exact same thnig happens if i try this via code:

    var newmodel = new Collada(“thecube.DAE”);

    any explanation?

  42. yeah again, don’t point the FLA to any of the PV3D source directories or repositories – the component has it’s own version baked in. Try removing any src folder pointers and try again and let me know.

  43. this problem occurs even if i dont use your component, and go strictly with coding it literally using the new Collada() class…

    do i need to do somethnig fancy to my stupid Cube primitive in 3DS before i export it to DAE?

  44. when you export from 3DS, you need to check “triangulate” and maybe go ahead and assign a colored material to it.

  45. if other models work with DAE, then it must be how your exporting. Also make sure that your model is an editable mesh. So if you created something with lines etc, you need to convert to editable mesh before exporting.

    • JP
    • December 12th, 2007

    Great work on this! i was wondering how you could translate the parameters to code, especially the material stuff, do you have any examples? – Thanks!

  46. @JP: yeah, I was going to do a feature that would export what the component was setup up with to pure code for you to use if you needed to. Next version πŸ˜‰

  47. Your demos are excellent , very impressed. I can wait to see what the following developments will be. This will truly alter the landscape of online gaming.

    • Aubrey
    • January 9th, 2008

    This is really great, but I can’t publish the files. I got a blank screen when published. I got this error:

    DisplayObject3D: null
    Papervision3D Beta RC1.1 (18.06.07)

    DisplayObject3D: null
    Papervision3D Beta RC1.1 (18.06.07)

    DisplayObject3D: null
    COLLADA file load error Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: file:///Macintosh%20HD/Users/aubreyfletcher/Desktop/papervision3d/VR%5FAF%20try/Collada/xwing.DAE
    Collada failed to load scene


    I updated the collada component to 1.5 . This does not render properly during authortime.

    when published I got this error:

    1119: Access of possibly undefined property sceneRotation through a reference with static type org.papervision3d.components.as3.flash9:PV3DColladaScene.

    • Chris Harglerode
    • January 24th, 2008

    I am getting frustrated with PV3D. I try to follow the demo using the demo files, but nothing shows up. I play with all the controls, but nothing. I have been trying to load a COLLADA file for the last 3 days with no success whatsoever.

    Also, is there a certain configuration a COLLADA file needs to be exported with? I have tried multiple configurations from Modo and Blender both of which throw errors.

    PV3D has a lot of potential, but is becoming seriously frustrating to use.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • VicM
    • January 24th, 2008

    I get the same error:

    1119: Access of possibly undefined property sceneRotation through a reference with static type org.papervision3d.components.as3.flash9:PV3DColladaScene.

  48. @vic: if you have your FLA pointing to the Papervision3D repository files, you’ll get that error depending on the version of the repo you are using.

    Make sure you’re just using the component without pointing to any class files of papervision and it should work

  49. @Chris: if you’re trying to use the component, use a DAE file (Collada) that you know works with Papervision first. If you’ve gotten the DAE from Blender, It probably won’t work unless you really know what you’re doing with Blender.

    email me and I’ll send you a test DAE to try if you like

    • VicM
    • January 24th, 2008

    Thanks John, that was exactly the problem!
    So essentially I cannot point to the repository files (classpath) when using the component? Another question would be, is the entire papervision codebase still available to me for use in AS3 VIA the component?


    • Chris Harglerode
    • January 24th, 2008

    @John: Last night I was trying with the xwing DAE file included with the other demo files, nothing. I just couldnt get the model to show up in the IDE or the SWF.

    Also, what is the best workflow for exporting a COLLADA file? I’ve noticed that the errors are most likely occuring from a poorly exported model, but with no actual instructions on proper exporting, its all touch and go.

  50. just a quick thank you

    • fam
    • March 23rd, 2008

    its I don , how can rotate by mouse

    • Bryce
    • March 26th, 2008

    I was getting the same error as VicM, but as soon as I did like you said and took out the AS3 compile settings looking for the pv3d source files (in the publish settings) it worked great!

    John, I’m an experienced ActionScripter, but a beginner 3-d modeler. I was saddened a bit to hear you say that you have to really know what you are doing in blender in order to get this to work 😦

    I use blender bc it is free, are there other free programs out there that will let you export a good dae file? Or can you tell me what I need to do to make the Collada files play nicely with pv3d from blender?


  51. @Bryce: yeah get Swift3D for $250 πŸ™‚ it imports 3DS files (3DStudio Max), is a decent modeler and it outputs good Collada. It’s the cheapest Collada exporter besides Blender. Blender, IMHO, sucks as far as it’s UI is concerned. Talk about hitting something with the ugly stick – yipes.

    • Sean
    • April 25th, 2008

    I have seen many designers place a camera in the center of a sphere, and map a 360 degree panoramic picture to that picture. Then the direction of the camera is controlled by the mouse or a button on stage. Does anyone know if you can use the papervision component to achieve this functionality? If yes, how would I do it or how would I go about learning?

    • Peter
    • April 28th, 2008

    I am very new to paper vision I have downloaded the files and can get a collada file from 3ds max ,in this case a basic ball as an editable mesh with a basic colour applied .I have saved the collada file in a separate file on my desk top ,opened a 3d component in flash cs3 and I get no image .
    Error code
    Display object 3d null
    Display object 3d sphere01
    Collada Material 1- Default not found .
    I must be doing something wrong .
    Can you please assist me
    Regards Peter

    • Sean
    • April 30th, 2008

    Peter, make sure all your files are in the same folder. That means the collada file the textue file and the flash file. Also, you want your texture to already in that file when you apply the material in 3ds.

    • george
    • May 2nd, 2008

    How do you make it auto rotate, zoom, etc. Are there any very basic scripts to reference?

    • 4mula_D
    • June 2nd, 2008

    I exported a maya model as .dae but when I try to use it in the pv3d component i receive an error message. How can I get my Maya files into PV3D?

  52. Flash 3D had never been so easy !
    John Grden, you are so generous for sharing your work with us.
    I’m going to sing praise of you in my blog. ha ha ha

    • george
    • August 2nd, 2008

    How do you preload this with a progress bar? I’ve search every where for a tutorial on it.

    • John Grden
    • August 2nd, 2008

    @george: you can use these events:

    import org.papervision3d.core.components.as3.flash9.PV3DColladaScene;

    scene3d.addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_COMPLETE, handleInit);
    scene3d.addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_LOAD_PROGRESS, handleProgress);
    scene3d.addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_LOAD_ERROR, handleLoadError);

    • bmcc81
    • August 15th, 2008

    I get these errors & I don’t see the folder Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\en\Configuration\Components

    did it properly install?

  53. Any news on a version of this component for Great White?

    • george
    • September 3rd, 2008

    when trying to use the load progress functions i get:
    ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property scene3d not found on org.papervision3d.components.as3.flash9.PV3DColladaScene and there is no default value.

    What is that is wrong?

    • george
    • September 4th, 2008

    I’ve pasted what I’m trying but it doesn’t seem to do anything…

    [compoent_instancename].collada.addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_COMPLETE, handleInit);
    [compoent_instancename].collada.addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_LOAD_PROGRESS, handleProgress);
    [compoent_instancename].collada.addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_LOAD_ERROR, handleLoadError);

    function handleProgress()
    this.ppvloadtext.text = “Loading 3d elements”;

    function handleInit():void
    // this.ppvloadtext.visible = false;

    this.ppvloadtext.text = “3d elements loaded”;
    function handleLoadError()
    // this.ppvloadtext.visible = false;
    this.ppvloadtext.text = “error Loading 3d elements”;

    • george
    • September 8th, 2008

    figured it out… I changed [compoent_instancename].collada.addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_COMPLETE, handleInit);


    [compoent_instancename].addEventListener(PV3DColladaScene.SCENE_COMPLETE, handleInit);

    • Irene
    • September 16th, 2008

    Best tutorial I have found to date. It works great.
    How I just want more.
    I am new to papervision and flash, I’m a Maya Max girl.
    Is there a way to get character animation into Papervision/Flash?
    Can I use collada or do I need a different exporter. Thanks, Irene

  54. Wow man, great job on this…wish I could have been there to see the presentation!

    • Yann
    • October 24th, 2008

    Hi John !

    I’m very interested in your work ! I’m currently developping a custom panel for a specific component. Would it be possible to get the source of the panel ? I checked everywhere on papervision googlecode website and didn’t find 😦



    • Joe
    • October 29th, 2008

    This seems great. One question though, which version of Papervision 3D is this supposed to be used with?

  55. I have a very basic JSFL extension to quickly set up your papervision files for CS3 if anyone would like the source tell me, and I’ll send it to you, and maybe some one can add to it. you can download it from me site.

    • Kenny
    • November 19th, 2008

    Please help i have no clue what I am doing wrong! Please see error below!

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/parseScene()
    at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/buildCollada()
    at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/onComplete()

  56. @Kenny, that means there’s something wrong with your Collada file – something in it is unsupported. If you created the collada file, make sure you have the triangulate option turned on. Other than that, you’ll just have to mess with the settings or check the blog for tips on exporting collada for PV3D

    • Anthony
    • February 17th, 2009

    Hey john, youre work is saving my life and keeping me from completely jumping out the window. (im only hanging out of it currently)

    i was curious as to how the component gets the collada to load its materials even without a material list.

    what is the code that would do that?

    Thank you!

    • Marcela
    • April 20th, 2009

    I followed the steps but nothing appears in the collada scene.
    1) I open a new .fla file in flash
    2) Drag a collada scene component to the stage
    3) Open the PV3D panel, select the directory where I have my .dae file and then select the .dae file.
    The output windows pops up with all the info being downloaded but nothing appears in the collada scene component. It doesn’t output any errors. What am I doing wrong?

  57. hey there, getting the same error as some others
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    ive tried with the sample dae files and ones ive created with no change…anyone have a suggestion or 2?

  58. hmm looks like this is only a prob on 64 bit server os

    Activation context generation failed for “C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\Maya2008\bin\plug-ins\COLLADAMaya.mll”. Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.MFC,processorArchitecture=”x86″,publicKeyToken=”1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b”,type=”win32″,version=”8.0.50727.4053″ could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis.

    anyone got 64 bit windows they’ve got this working ? ..

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