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New Aerial Combat Demo & Tutorial

[tweetmeme source=”neoRiley” only_single=false]Well, people often wonder why I tweet so little and why there are such long stretches in between.  The answer is simple enough:  I work.  Well, it’s more complicated than that, I work, I’m headcoach for my son’s football team, my daughter is in both soccer AND volley ball and I’m involved in all of them in some way or another.  That, and I just came off of a really nice game project that took 7 months of my life, and I can’t seem to do social network stuff while working and still be productive.  I don’t know how you all do it!  Anyway, I’d been wanting to do SOMETHING of a blog post just to get back into contributing to the Unity community, and so when I came off this current project, it was my turn to post something on the IR5 blog – YAY!

So, since Unite 11 is starting today and I’d promised to do a demo on this back in 09′ while speaking at Unite 09, I figured it was time to make good on my promise.  I’ve finally put it all together in a very simple, yet flushed out, demo of how I did dog fighting in The Trench Run.

Check out the post, files and demo over at



UPDATE: 7 years after I wrote this post,  this article from the New York Times has finally vindicated me in popular main stream media.  Took you guys long enough!  You didn’t have to go and review text messages from teenagers in London either, I could have told you as much.  And it’s not millennials who dropped it first –  It was Generation X’ers thank you very much.

There’s been a rather fun inside joke between me and Keith and Andy and John.   I don’t know if I’ve told many other people about it, maybe a handful more at some point because Keith thinks I’m off my rocker for it.


So let’s have a little test and you guys vote, shall we?

Here’s the scenario:  Some guy emails you and says “Man, I’m under a massive deadline, I’ve been searching for an answer on how to do ‘X’, if you have ANY time at all, could you just point me in the right direction?

You, being me, decide to help a fellow flasher in need (someone you don’t know btw), and not only do you give him the answer, but you throw him an EXTRA saucy bone and include a code snippet of what he’s trying to accomplish, since you can certainly relate to what a deadline feels like.

The person who’d asked for help, simply writes back and says:

”  Thanks. ”

“thanks” or “thanks man, LOVE YOU” would have been perfectly acceptable.  But in this case, it was just “thanks.”   See, the period is what gets me.  It’s like he’s saying “thanks for nothing jerk-weed.”  Without the period, it’s more like he’s in a hurry or at least semi appreciative … ” thanks ” – I could accept that.  It’s still a little crappy considering I probably saved him hours of work.  I would at least expect an exclamation point… ” thanks! ”

See?  how hard would that have been?  and THAT’S exactly my point.  I didn’t get a exclamation point (!), but I DID get punctuation.  Which means forethought.  He CHOSE the period.  Which means “Bite me.”

AM I WRONG?!?!  Does anyone else agree with me?!

Papervision Training at Flash on Tap

Man, I was just over at Keith’s blog and saw him realizing that FOT is just 3 weeks away!!! I instantly had the same reaction – holy beer batman!

I thought it’d be good a good idea to post what Andy and I will be covering and what you’ll need.  We’re giving a live full day workshop the day before the event starts.  If you haven’t signed up and you’re interested in going to the 1 day work shop (you don’t have to attend FOT for this), email me at neoriley at gmail dot com and I can get you the same $70 off discount code.

What we’ll be covering:

John first half of day:

  1. Papervision basics – scenes, cameras, setup
  2. cameras and animation
  3. Primitives
  4. Materials
  5. Collada
  6. Papervision3D component for Flash IDE (requires CS3 unfortunately)

Andy will cover:

  1. Effects and Layers
  2. Effects Filters
  3. Shaders

The class has filled up nicely I so far and I’m really glad to get out and teach again.  Its something I really enjoy doing

Change to my Session at FOT

It was a year ago when i’d put up my description for my Session at Flash on Tap and I’d really intended just to follow through with that, but now that we’re getting much closer to the actual event, I think my topic is really not in sync with what I’v been working with in the past 6+ months.

So, I’m going to be covering the development crossovers between Papervision/actionscript3, to Unity3D/Javascript, to iPhone 3D gaming.  I’ll be showing the differences and similarities between Papervsion and Unity3D and talk about the caveats to iPhone 3D gaming with its abilities and limitations.  I’ll also being showing the Unity3D IDE,  features and workflow.

Stunt Bike iPhone game in Unity3D IDE

Stunt Bike running on iPhone

Many of the issues we deal with in Papervision3D are applicable to the iPhone 3D gaming development.  With Unity as a middle man for development, I think there’s plenty to talk about 😉

Hope to see many of you there!

Online Papervision3D training – Nov 8th. Optimization Techniques

We’re doing one more of these before the year’s end and won’t likely do it again until February 2009.  We weren’t going to do it at all, but we’d had a great response to do one more, so we’re squeezing this one in before the holidays really kick in.

I’m taking a break from traveling for a while, so RMI has set me up with some on-line course time and this weekend (SATURDAY), I’m going to pouring over the Winterwonder Land application and talking about optimization techniques for Papervision and the flash Player in general.

In the course files, I’m including nearly all the demo’s I used for the classes I taught in person as well as the source for Winterwonder Land’s animation engine etc.

If you’re interested, you can sign up over at RMI’s site:

Hope to see you there!

On Demand Papervision Course: Optimization Techniques

For a few months now, I’ve been doing live workshops online through RMI and those have been going very well.  So finally, after this last run, we archived the class (recorded it) and are offering it up as an on demand course you can take any time you like!

We’d received alot of feed back to provide an on demand version since not everyone can make it on the days we hold them.  Given that a fair amount of you are coming from over seas, it’s even more difficult to make the time slots.  One person was taking the class at 1am in the morning 😉  So I think this will help!

This course covers the Winter Wonder Land animation and engine.  You get all the source files for the application along with alot of other demo files that I typically hand out when I teach.  It covers:

  • Materials preparation and best usage with animation
  • BitmapData concepts to replace traditional MovieClip animations at runtime
  • SWF settings that can cause better performance (or worse)
  • Using multiple viewports and BitmapViewport3D
  • Simple tricks for getting decent effects (cheaply on the cpu)
  • Shaders ( bonus material )

Title: Papervision3D 2.0 Optimization

Duration:~200 minutes

Description: We’re going to take the Winter Wonderland demo from Zero fps to the 20’s by practicing a few some less known and some well known tips and tricks concerning both the Flash Player and Papervision3D. We’ll cover image preparation and rules, the Flash Player’s idiosyncrasies and what makes Papervision3D really sing. The Winter Wonderland animation started out as slow as 2fps and ended up in the mid 20’s after all of these techniques were applied. That leaves plenty of room for additional animations and bells and whistles later on! We’ll take the source for Winter Wonderland and crawl through it together to squeeze every last FPS out possible.

Who this course is for: Flash designers / developers with Papervision3D experience.

Check it out here

Papervision3D Training: Saturday, Sept 27th!

Because of hurricane Ike, the training was rescheduled to the 27th 🙂 I apologize for the hassle

The info on this post is still relevant, even though it lists Sept 14th as the date on Papervision’s Blog – Hope to see you there!