Coolest earth mapping I’ve seen yet

and well, umm, it’s friggin’ cool what Keith did with mapping the globe then dealing with rotation and keeping the positions in sync. If you ask him about it, sounds like a 3rd grader should be able to do it – but it’s seriously wicked (dood). Now THIS is how you do it 😉

Oh and this just in: That’s just the cherry on top. You do this interactive thing where you drag/drop various landmarks/continents to their correct positions on the globe and it’s this killer geography lesson all in one. It’s fairly addicting (thanks for wasting another solid hour of my life…again). My kids are gonna love this

Earth Map Game

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Red5 Flex2/AS3 Demo :: FLV Stream Player

I went ahead and re-routed some of the guts of my soon to come FLVPlayer to work with Red5 and streaming. This is a Flex2/AS3 app with source so people can have some basic code in getting started with Red5 and Flex2/AS3. This was built with Red5 v0.6RC1.

Get the updated source

Red5 Flex FLVPlayer


Keith and his insanity.

Get this: keith buys this cable that has USB on one end and a movement detection board on the other end. He then hooks it up to flash in some miraculous way, and bingo – he’s flying through asteroids!!

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Xwing 3D Model Demo

This is the video that I showed at FITC Hollywood. It’s a demo on how to create realistic 3D models for game play.

Original Star Wars IV Animation: FOUND!

Well, I was digging around trying to fix my games that are hosted over at and I found this SWF I made for the Wire frame version of the trench run!

LOL, I don’t think anyone actually ever saw this animation. The wireframe game was a bit tuff and the game itself was pretty obscure. I based on the animation from the original SW4 where they are describing the aproach to blowing up the Death Star.

End Animation for Trench Run Game

FLEXible released!

FLEXible is out and doing well! After being challenged to release the code, I’ve spent roughly 2 weeks trying to flush this out to a somewhat usable application. The response has been awesome! I really appreciate the comments and input from everyone.

FLEXible is meant to be simple MXML design tool. You can use the constraints panel and switch between Source and Design views. It’s released under the MIT license and the source is available. If you want to join in the fun and help flush the rest of the application out, I’d love the help!

Demo Video: view
Properties demo: view

Design view:


Source view:


FITC Hollywood – What a great time!

Well, I finaly got the midi/drum/flash/red5 demo ready enough to show at FITC and it was a party to say the least! The crowd was cool, friends helped me out tremendeously to truck gear from the room to the conf rooms and back.

You can see the original demo from home:

setting up

After some minor technical issues, I got it fired up and we rocked for an hour 😉

The crowd was really into it, which amazed me. I was just hoping to get it to work and some musicians would dig it, but by the time it was over, someone asked for an encore (which blew me away) and we thew down Subdivisions by Rush.

The first song was Tom Sawyer, which I never made it all the way through for. Then it ended with a Dream Theater montage which you can see here or hear on Keith posted about it on his blog (BIG thanks for doing that Keith!).

Playing along with Tom Sawyer Video

I just wanted to say thanks to Chris Allen, Keith Peters, Mark Cohn (BLITZ), Robert Gale, Luke Hubbard, Joachim Bauch, Steven Gong, Chris Mills, and Tina Paulson for helping me get it all working, getting the equipment to the stage and getting setup – it was a family effort!!

Below, I included the slide from the presentation that basically explains the flow of what I did. And I thought to include a shot of what my office looked like for 8 weeks (notice the kick pedals under the desk 😉


Diagram of programatic flow