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I just had to say it – I’m rediculously happy to go to work today on a project that i’ve been planning for nearly 6yrs now.  Thanks to Chris, Dom, Reb, Mike and Nic, a long time goal is finally being realized.

Trust me when I say, this project is nothing short of a total dream for me 🙂  On top of that, I get to work with Keith on it, and every time I work with that guy, we come up with something extraordinary or I learn some crazy new thing that I’d never put together on my own.  I’mma have to pull out the 11 rock rating on this one I think \m/

If you’re at Flash on Tap, I’m sure I’ll sneak a preview in somewhere 😉

Change to my Session at FOT

It was a year ago when i’d put up my description for my Session at Flash on Tap and I’d really intended just to follow through with that, but now that we’re getting much closer to the actual event, I think my topic is really not in sync with what I’v been working with in the past 6+ months.

So, I’m going to be covering the development crossovers between Papervision/actionscript3, to Unity3D/Javascript, to iPhone 3D gaming.  I’ll be showing the differences and similarities between Papervsion and Unity3D and talk about the caveats to iPhone 3D gaming with its abilities and limitations.  I’ll also being showing the Unity3D IDE,  features and workflow.

Stunt Bike iPhone game in Unity3D IDE

Stunt Bike running on iPhone

Many of the issues we deal with in Papervision3D are applicable to the iPhone 3D gaming development.  With Unity as a middle man for development, I think there’s plenty to talk about 😉

Hope to see many of you there!

Unity 2.5 Released – Windows people now can share the love

Windows Vista - Unity3D IDE

Windows Vista - Unity3D IDE

Unity3D just released the much anticipated 2.5 release which now let’s Windows users play like the rest of us have been for a while now 😉


iFly: From Flash to Unity3D to iPhone game!

iFly Launch Pad

iFly Launch Pad

Well, its finally out in the iTunes App Store as reported by Keith Peters!.  I’m pretty excited about how it turned out.  It runs at a solid 28-30fps on my 1st gen iPhone as well as my 3G iTouch.

The idea is simple enough:  fly through as many gray rectangles as you can and land on the landing pad (circle that looks like a man hole cover) before the time runs out.  If you do, you get 5000 extra points.  If you miss the man hole or don’t make it to the bottom, you don’t get the bonus points.  if you go through the red rectangles, you loose points and points are scored according to the size of the rectangle – the smaller they are, the more points you get.

The Crippler (3rd in the hard levels) rocks \m/  –  Chris had me beat with 8800 for a day, then I smoked him with 9600.  It’s a fun one where you basically dive bomb the entire way just to make it to the bottom in time!

The cool part about this that we pulled the same 3D model and code for creating the rectangles that we have on the infrared5 web site ( click “fly me”  to fly paper airplane ) right into Unity3D and with a few syntax tweaks, it was up and running!  Since Unity3D has strictly typed version of Javascript, it’s practically ActionScript3 with some slight differences that are a non-issue.  Most of the time was spent optimizing the game and getting the UI straightened out.  Unity’s GUI controls are ok and if you’re familiar with CSS, you’ll probably jump right in without too much problem.  Though in saying that, doing things like fades on 2D textures isn’t exactly as straight forward as it is with Flash.  But it IS doable.

Total time invested was approx 4 weeks.

flying around in The Abyss

flying around in "The Abyss"

Landing on the main hole cover

Landing on the main hole cover

Merry Christmas! ( and a little Unity Christmas card )

Merry Christmas from!

Merry Christmas from!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I figured since I’d just went and blasted everyone about Unity3D, I should put my money where my mouth is. Click on the image to see it in the unity web plugin (you’ll have to install it to see it 🙂

So, this isn’t Winterwonder land from last year, but for about an hours worth of effort, it was cake to get smoke, snow, 3D model (text, which is over 15,000 polys) and the entire scene together.  Like I was saying, it’s very attractive and easy for Flasher’s to get into!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, hope you guys have a great one with your families!


Unity3D \m/’s – Adobe should buy them.

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, and I have a REALLY good reason for it 😉  You see, Andy Zupko had been dropping comments here and there about how he’d wanted to do Unity3D work.  First couple of times I heard him say it, I was thinking “yeah yeah flash master Andy, what’s this unity thing anyway?”

Well, I finally asked him what Unity3D was and he pointed me over to and then showed me their Tropical Paradise demo and my jaw began to hit the floor.  This was a web plugin?  holy polygons/lighting/shaders batman!

Tropical Paradise - Terrains, streamed terrainse

With OpenGL and DirectX support, this little web plugin ROCKS.  It’s a complete game development tool that allows you to code in JavaScript, C# and a dialect of Python called Boo.  The JavaScript is strictly typed and compiles to native machine code – it’s just as fast as C# or Boo.  Not to mention 20x’s faster than Flash’s ActionScript.  And for me, getting into Unity took practically ZERO time.  I was up and importing FBX (you can export as FBX from 3D Studio Max) models and practically doing what I do in Papervision3D with very little effort!  In fact, moving some of my classes over to Unity for this game that Andy and I are working was a matter or some simple refactoring to accommodate Unity’s api.

Now, before we start getting totally OHH and AHH over this, let’s take a look at the discussion that’s already on your mind probably at this point in the post:  Why can’t FLASH/ADOBE have this?!?  I know, cause I was thinking the same thing 😉  The answer might be something like “I don’t think there’s a good reason anymore”.  It USED to be a really big discussion about player size.  I remember back on Flash6 beta, I was begging for w3d support since you could use those files in Director at that time, and they were fairly lightweight.  But the argument was around hardware support and player download size.

But check this out:

Flash player download = 5.5mb
Unity3D web player download = 4.5mb

Ding.  Round one over.  The winner?  Unity3D.

Ok, so is that a fair comparison?  No, not really, but in the argument about the player growing in size seems to be greatly reduced from the days of a 700k Flash player plugin download.  I realize that 5.5mb + 4.5mb = a bit more of a struggle to convince people to download, BUT, I’m SURE there’s a conversation that could be had about loading and running SWF’s into Unity3D like Director does.  Yes?  Did I mention Unity3D is cross-platform compatible?  Publish standalone builds for Mac OS X (Universal Binary, or specific, smaller Intel/PPC-only builds) and Windows 2000/XP/Vista – OH and then put it on the web…cause you can.

If that wasn’t enough to sweeten the pot on Adobe buying out Unity3D – Unity3D does iPhone apps with a single click ( watch the Demo Movie of the iPhone development setup – that’ll sell you right there ).  Hmmm I love me some iPhone 🙂  Not enought??  How about Wii Development?!  BAM!  NOW WHAT?

Terrain, Shaders, Physics, Lighting, Cross-Platform, multi-depolyment option, multi-lingual, Game churning tool!

Have you ever found yourself saying: ” I wish Director used Actionscript – if it did, I’d move right on over to it and develop there!” Well, ok, maybe that’s too drastic and silly, but Unity3D gave me more power than Director and it was extremely easy to get into – the “power” here is that it is realized and made available to *me*.  I’ve had access to Director for nearly 10yrs now, and not once did feel like I could get into it easily.  I realize you can do Javascript now (Lingo was an abomination), but after my bad experiences in the past, I wasn’t willing to get into the the Director mess again.  I saw Unity for 5 minutes and downloaded it instantly. Unity’s IDE rocks – flat out.  It’s fairly easy to understand, and debugging 3D scenes at runtime is awesome.  You can have the scene up top with the game running below and you have access at runtime to really dig through and manipulate all objects and properties at runtime (hmmm… where have I heard that before…XRAY 😉

Unity3D IDE

One of the other nice things is that you can configure TextMate with a Unity3D bundle for editing.

I think I’m a fairly good indication of what *could* happen when other Flashers like me get a hold of Unity3D.  I hope Adobe’s listening 😉

With all of that, combine the fact that SilverLight is working hard to compete with Flash and they have access to DirectX – it won’t be long until Adobe see’s they need a kick-ass solution.  THIS one actually works cross-platform with a ton of speed, easy adoption rate by the development community and a smaller player download size than Flash.  Either they’re already looking at Unity3D as I type this post or they soon will be.

One other thought I had is that, I’m not sure the Flash player is going to keep up or IS keeping up with the abilities of hardware that have been out for a while now.  I can see where they’re going with Pixel Bender etc, but I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed with what came out in FP10 in terms of hardware acceleration etc and so on ( I don’t need to restate what others have already said ).  I think that’s exactly what draws me to Unity3D – total frustration over speed/performance.  With Unity, it was like a massive breath of life for me in terms of developing games and playing in my own time.

Avert Fate - Particles, physics, ragdolls, image effects and custom shaders

So, let’s put our money where our mouth is, shall we?

By now, you know I work for Infrared5 with a ton of great developers.  If you want Flash / Flex / Red5 work done, we can do it. Duh.  But what about iPhone development?  what about serious game development?  What about product/marketing efforts that need more than what the Flash Player can give us in terms of power?  Where would we turn?  Well, we’ve officially added Unity3D and iPhone game developement to the list of services BECAUSE of Unity3D.  Considering that any one of our developers can get up to speed in a matter of an hour or less, it’s a no brainer to expand our service base.  SO, if you’re in the market for iPhone game development or app development, let me know, and I’ll get you in touch with the right people 😉

Given how well many iPhone / iTouch apps are doing in the app store with Apple, I think there’s a bonanza of opportunity there – HUGE.

Ok, so the payoff for even posting this…post, is that I wanted to FINALLY show a few screen shots of a game I’d story boarded 4yrs ago and promised I would produce wayyyyyy back in 2002 (8/16/2002 to be exact) when I released my first Star Wars game – Escape of the Falcon.  I’m not going to show too much, but you guys and gals need to see I’m serious about what I just typed above.

Escape of the Falcon

Original Star Wars game: Escape of the Falcon

Web Version of the Trench Run

Web Version of the Trench Run

And Since Keith was showing off his iPhone Gravity fun, I wouldn’t feel right not sharing since he mentioned a Star Wars game 😉

iPhone Trench Run - low poly trench model

iPhone Trench Run - low poly trench model

I have to thank Andy for getting into Unity though! I don’t know that I would have heard of it or gotten into it if he hadn’t pointed out the obvious to me 😉  To say the least, he’s in hog heaven with real physics, custom shaders and streamed terrains!

I seriously suggest that if you’re into 3D, Gaming and Flash right now, you should try Unity3D.  And yes, I fully expect that I’ll drive SO much traffic their way that they’ll give me a license 😉  Thankfully, IR5 got me one !  LOVE YOU CHRIS/REB/DOMINICK!  LOVE you.  Man love.

And Finally:  Adobe – if you’re reading this, you guys should seriously consider buying out Unity3D.  I can’t say it any more plain than that.  If you don’t, I don’t know how you’ll COMPETE with them.  As soon as they’re able to support running SWF’s in Unity, i’m going to be doing alot more work over there 😉