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Trench Run 1.5.2 Released!

New Millennium Falcon Texture

Well, we’d had a  bug in 1.4 unfortunately that for many players caused the game to not load past the company logos ;(  The bad news is, it took a while to get the update out to Apple, but the good news is, we fixed a few other things while we were at it 😉

1.  Black screen bug – fixed

2.  Added Calibration – hit pause, then “Calibrate” – you can now play at any normal angle you desire.  Now you don’t have to be Choir boy to play it.

Calibration Screen

3.  in-game sensitivity slider – people were unable to look in the settings panel for some reason, so we put the slider in both locations for your convenience

Sensitivity Controls

4.  Moved the “Difficulty” selection out of “settings” panel and now you have to select your difficulty when selecting your mission.  Again, people went out of their way to avoid looking at the settings panel, and thus, thought the game was 5 levels of EASY mode.  Yeah, I’d be pissed / disappointed too if that was all there was to the game.  To all you “reviewers” out there that said the game was 15 minutes long – try looking around next time and actual REVIEW the GAME before you “review” the game.  If anyone beats the game on Jedi in 15 minutes, their lying.  It takes 5 minutes to beat the Dog Fight level alone and that’s IF you can beat it.  Never mind the cannons section – they eat you alive.  Not to mention Darth is a menace and the exhaust port is nearly impossible to hit ( note i said nearly, it IS possible ).  So take off the dresses and put your manskirt on – play it on Jedi and get back to me.  If anything you’ll just be pissed off cause you see Yavin4 get toasted a million times 😉

New Mission Selection Screen

5.  Increased the overall speed – it’s about 10% faster overall approx.

6.  switched to the classic texture for the Millennium Falcon easter egg 😉

If you like what you see with 1.5.2, please take a moment to give us a rating or even a review on the AppStore.  The last bug really killed our ratings.  Our ratings are a perfect horseshoe – the people who got to play it, loved it.  The people that had the bug, hated it.  Understandably so.  Apparently, the VERY first time they played it, they got into the first arcade level, then inexplicably hit the “home” button on the device, thereby exiting the game during the game play ( no comment ).  This caused the black screen bug.

At last, this one issue has been fixed and finally released to the public along with the 2 most requested updates – calibration and sensitivity control in-game!

Merry Christmas to all you Star Wars fans!  I do hope you have fun beating the game on JEDI!!

Trench Run v1.4 update now available!!

v1.4 for the Trench Run has FINALLY been approved by Apple ( still making its way around the planet ).  This version fixes a major memory issue experienced by 1st Gen iPhone and 3G iPhone users.   It also has a couple of other minor fixes as well.

The one nice thing about this fix is we were able to put the nice 3Gs version of the trench into all versions of the game now – so it looks beautiful no matter what you’re playing it on 🙂

3Gs Trench

We’d been able to hand out a few copies to people who bought the app on a 3G and 1st Gen iPhone and they all reported that the game worked perfectly on their devices with the update!

So if you gave us a bad review on the app store because of the game quiting, freezing, dying on you, would you PLEASE install the update and try again?  We would REALLY appreciate the help and a positive rating if you have the time.  Apple has taken their sweet time in approving this fix, and the ratings have killed us on this one issue.  VERY VERY FRUSTRATING!

Also, I think we’ve done everything we can possibly do to service the people who spent their hard earned money on this game – and we took it a step further this time 😉

I had meant to hold on to this easter egg for a while, but since this bug cause such a problem for a many gamers out there, I’m letting this one out early to say “thank you” for your patience and time!

Easter egg:  Fly in the Millennium Falcon:

Millennium Falcon Cockpit view

Dog Fight View


*  Fly as Millennium Falcon

*  Insti-gib cannons – one shot kills/destroys.   You only get 4 blasts at a time, but one bolt destroys the object.

How do you get to it?!

click Play Now.  When you see the Death Star in the next screen, touch the Death Star’s cannon area (inset circle area when the big bad laser comes out).  Now play as the Millennium Falcon 😉

OH and PS> if you’re a supposed iPhone app reviewer, please try the game in JEDI mode and adjust the sensitivity ( you know, because, it’d probably PLAY better ) – OH and don’t forget to try the ARCADE MODES which make game play infinitely longer…just a request 😉

Star Wars Trench Run – FIXED for 2G/3G iPhones

For those of you who bought Trench Run and ran it on a 3G device, you might have had some of the problems I listed in the last post.  Essentially, it was a memory issue.

We’ve been up late working on fixing the issue, and we finally found some white elephants in the app to kill off that brought the memory not only under 4omb’s (which is ideal for an iphone app) but we brought it down into the low 3o’s.

It now runs VERY well on a not only a 3G iPhone, but now works JUST as well on a 2G (1st gen) iPhone!!  I installed and played it on my 1st gen iPhone tonight and it was very smooth.

We’re testing internally tonight, and we’ve asked some of the people who purchased the app but entered negative reviews because of the 3G performance to help us test the app.  We were able to reach out to a few people who made the purchase to help us out and let them know – we’re not here to steal anyone’s money, we’re here to make a kick ass Star Wars game 😉


And to make it up to all of you who will be waiting patiently for the 1.1 update in the app store, I’m going to reveal ONE of the easter egg ships (Darth Vader’s ship).

instructions>controls – touch where it says “toggle cockpit”  – play 😉

I know that can’t make up for being frustrated initially, but hopefully, you guys will give it another chance and enjoy flying as Darth 😉  The 1.1 update will be well worth the wait, I promise!

********* UPDATE  **********

This is feedback from one of the users on a 1st Gen iPhone (8gig) – he originally purchased and it was unplayable:

the difference is night and day. I made sure to NOT restart the phone and played with both music and sound enabled to get a sense of things. Not sure if there’s something specific you all are looking for, but barring that, here are my notes after 2 sessions totaling close to an hour of game play:

– opening video plays much smoother

– loading screens on the order of 5x faster (not scientific, but the difference is dramatic)

– very, very slight lag when tie fighters explode
– no lag during general flight or when firing and missing

trench levels:
– overall, very smooth
– controls more responsive, playback less jerky
– slight jerkiness returns when vader shows up (still very playable)
– videos when you fail/win are both smooth

– exiting to the home screen is cleaner (music doesn’t continue to play for several seconds anymore)

Star Wars Trench Run on 3G Devices

I’m posting this here just incase someone does a search on google for an answer 😉

Many users with 3G devices have tried to play the Trench Run and have had the app crash or become un-responsive for them.  There are a couple of quick things you can do to fix it and get up and running:

1.  Reboot your device.  With all of the other apps and games you’ve had open before installing Trench Run, there’s not enough room.  A reboot will likely fix the issue.

2.  Turn off Music.  yeah, this sucks cause it’s the original score, BUT, at least you’ll be able to bag those baddies.

If you’re wondering why the Trench on the 3G looks different than the screenshots and videos you’ve seen, it’s because we created a special version with hardly any geometry and no lightmaps.  This helped performance on the 3G quite a bit.  The 2nd Gen iTouch and 3Gs phones enjoy shader and geometry that are not able to run on a 3G device.

We’re also putting in allot of effort to optimize performance on the 3G devices at the time of this post.  So rest assured, we’ll do our best to bring you the best experience we possibly can!


Star Wars Trench Run: Approved

We just got word that the Trench Run game was approved by Apple!

Click here to get it on iTunes

To celebrate, how about a few extra screenshots you haven’t seen yet?  Enjoy 😉

Copy/Paste for Unity IDE

While at Unite2009, I had the opportunity to do 2 presentations on the Flash users day.  Both presentations went very well.  The response was great and the Unity people were fantastic – VERY genuine and completely cool people!

During one of my discussions, I was a little embarrassed to say I didn’t know how to retain properties that I was editing at runtime in the editor to objects I was rotating/moving etc.  I mentioned that there was likely some magic way of doing this, but I wasn’t aware of how, and that likely someone would show me after the talk.

Well, as it turns out Emil Johansen of the Unity team handed me an Editor script right after the talk was done!  The guy wrote it just as soon as I’d issued that statement in my talk, then proceeded to hand it to me while walking off the stage 🙂  EMIL – you get 4 rock on’s for that one!!

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

Get it here, love it there

And being a coder, he went on to perfect it and expand it for use with any component you might have in Unity.

And just to explain what it is I’m so happy about:  In Unity IDE, you can *run* your application and change the properties at runtime to debug/polish your settings.  But, there isn’t really a way built into Unity to say “save these settings”.  I wasn’t writing them down on paper though, I was taking snap shots with Jing and then typing them in 😉

Emil’s Editor scripts extend the Unity IDE to add copy/paste options so you can easily run, set and save.  LOVE YOU EMIL!

Star Wars Trench Run iPhone Game – FINALLY

Well, its been a very VERY long time incoming, but it’s finally here – The Trench Run game!

This was something I’d story boarded some 6+yrs ago and thanks to some very good friends of mine (Chris Allen, Rebecca Smith Allen and Dominick Accattato) I was able to realize a goal that I’d set for myself along time ago.  Chris worked alot of hours for the past couple of years trying to sell the project and finally, it all just clicked.  So, I have to first say a big huge fat thankyou to he, Rebecca and Dominick for sticking their necks out for this project.   LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH!

The game is released through THQ Wireless inc. and was created by Infrared5 with me, Todd Anderson, Keith Peters, Andy Zupko, Rebecca Smith Allen, Chris Allen, Dominic Accattato, Paul Gregoire, Kasey Jordan, Lizzie Martin and Ben Throop.  It should be showing up in Apple’s app store shortly.  It covers the battle of Yavin from the first Star Wars movie  (IV), including a dog fight portion of the game.  We added arcade modes for both dog fighting and the trench run so you can see how many levels you can stand before getting blasted into oblivion!

I really spent alot of time on attention to details for this game.  Things like the music – you’ll note that the music in the DogFight scene IS the music from that scene in the movie.  Same for the trench sections.  The cockpit views are literally taken from the original 1977 movie.  All colors of the lasers, markings on ships, details are all as close to the movie as possible.

My goal for this game from day one was simple:  Speed.  I was always REALLY disappointed in the speed of other Trench Run games.  You’d get into the trench, expect to feel what you saw in the movie, and then it was pathetically slow.  So, from nearly 1993 when they came out with X-Wing, I think I was already plotting this game out 😉

I do hope the hardcore StarWars fans enjoy the game – it really was for them!  I know it’s an iPhone game on a small device, but I was seriously blown away with how much power it really has and what I was able to pull off with it.

The Trench

Dog Fight With Darth Vader

So, to wrap up, I’ve been silent on just about every social network app you can think of and haven’t blogged very much in the past 4 months – but it was all worth it.  I apologize for not putting much out here lately, but trust me when I say, I’ll be changing that with some insights, tricks/tips and stuff from this projects experience.  I’d dedicated myself to this project completely and I hope the final product reflects that dedication.

Now…what twitter app I using 4months ago… 😉

Speaking at UNITE 2009 – Oct 27th

Well, UNITE 2009 will be the first conference I’m speaking at that’s not about flash – kinda crazy!

Unity has devoted an entire day (October 27th) for Flash 3D people who are interested in checking out Unity3D.  So, they’ve lined me, Paul Tondeur ( co-author of Papervision3D essentials book ) and Mauricio Longoni to speak/teach.

I’ll be covering Papervision3D > Unity3D topics in my first session (which is right after the opening session).  I’m really looking forward to this session because I think people will be blown away at how easy it really is to adopt Unity3D into their toolset of options for 3D on the web.  I’ll be covering alot of the foundational stuff like scripting, Unity IDE, GameObject vs DisplayObject3D, 3D modeling and texture considerations vs both technologies etc.

I’ll then have the last hour of the day to unveil the latest game we’ve been developing for THQ wireless inc. and Lucas Films ltd.  I’ll be walking you through a bit of an over view from what it was in Flash as a prototype, how it translated in Unity3D for the iPhone and finally – porting it from a Unity iPhone app to a Unity web app.  It was an unbelievably awesome experience using Unity for this project!

Hope to see you guys there – and hey, leave a comment here if you’re going to be at the conference

Flash on Tap Slides:

Flash on Tap was a GREAT conference – unbeleivably cool and laid back (at least for me it was).  It was truly great to see old friends again and hang out a bit.  Last time I went to a conference I was so stressed about about getting hours in on a project, I couldn’t enjoy Brighton.  It was a shame really.  But this time around, I really took the time to enjoy myself and just do what I wanted.  The class went great on Thursday, and the 3D panel discussion today was very cool.  I was nice to get to voice some opinions about about Flash, Unity and 3D in general.

Anyway, I rushed through my Papervision to Unity to iPhone session like mad at the end and promised I’d post the slides, so click on the image above or here.  I’d clearly planned to talk about way too much in my presentation, but I was at least able to do the sample demo app I’d put together of the obstacle course.  I was happy that people enjoyed seeing Unity in action and creating a simple game, but was bummed I didn’t even get the chance to show some scripting so they could see how very similar Unity’s Javascript is to ActionScript3.

There’s always next time!!

Getting object type in Unity3D/Javascript

for archive sake really:

Debug.Log(“Type of object: ” + gameObjectCopy_1.GetType().Name);

Can be used in a conditional like so:

if( gameObjectCopy.GetType() == GameObject) // do something

prints out what the immediate class type is of the object.