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So, funny story here about FITC

First, FITC rocked this year – I had so much fun, it was incredibly good!  and I loved seeing everyone again, it’d been too long!

Ok so the quick story:

Monday, I’m sitting at the booth and not really paying attention, someone walks up and says hey to Chris Allen and me and I shake their hand.  About 15 minutes later, I ask Chris Allen, “hey wasn’t that Chris Pelsor?” – he says “no, he couldn’t make it this year”.  I scratch my head and think ok, guess that’s not Chris Pelsor I just saw 15 minutes ago.

Tuesday:  Same guy walks in, and I think “now THAT’S Chris Pelsor” and I says to him ” hey you made it!  ( real excited like )” and the guy says “dood I’ve been here.”  So y0u can imagine, I thought “oh this isn’t Chris Pelsor then, cause Chris Allen said it wasnt’ him”.

So, after about 15 minutes of jawin’ with this guy, I finally had had enough and I says to him ” dood, you look exactly like Chris Pelsor”, and he pulls out his name badge and looks at me like I’m insane and says “That’s because I AM Chris Pelsor!”.

It was like reuniting with a long lost friend!  there were  hugs and crying (ok, not really, I don’t cry, but Chris was inconsolable )!  We’d hung out in Brighton some 2yrs ago with Keith, Reb and Chris and talked online since and he was one of my favorite people in the community and I was sure this was him – and well, it was 😉


Text messaging – retarded.

Ok, it’s one thing to watch tweeners wet themselves over their new cell phones and their first text messages, it’s quite another thing to watch a teenager squeal with sophomoric tones that only a dog could hear, and it’s yet another level of “idiocy” to see some teen/twenty something texting while driving. I’ve nearly come unglued while watching a teenage girl with less driving hours than texting hours weave in and out of her lane as she frantically types with two thumbs and drives with her knee. Talk about a complete freakin idiot.

I had to endure an unforgettable day in high school – the day after a friend of mine died in a car crash the night before. The driver was changing the station on the radio, it was raining, and my friend wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The incident took less than 5 seconds, and bam, he was gone.

Now, a new experience in teenage retardation – text messaging in a movie theater. I’m sitting there watching probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen (Batman: Dark Knight) and right in the middle of some of the best scenes, here’s this brainless wonder 2 rows in front of me flipping open her phone and texting. Ok, one time, i can let it go. But 7-8 times?!?! She’s lucky I didn’t take her phone and chuck it across the theater. I nearly did. How brain dead do you have to be to text someone DURING A MOVIE?!? Is it that FREAKIN important that you communicate your adolescence wisdoms (Yes, thats dripping with sarcasm) right then and there?! First, it’s completely self absorbed that you’d think you weren’t bothering anyone. Don’t be that stupid – Please. All I can hope is, you don’t have the right to vote. You’d likely be the type to vote for the “popular” candidate – not wanting to waste your vote on a perceived looser. no, I’m not backing either candidate – I’m just making a point as to how mindless it seems our youth are today. It’s really pretty sad.

Anyway, if I find someone doing that again, I AM going to yell, complain, spill and probably assault their phone.


If you’re an avid “texter”, here’s how stupid you look: