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PaperWorld3D released and is for real!

About a year ago, we were all sitting there blissfully typing away about the new possibilities of 3D in Flash now that Papervision3D was here. One of the obvious ideas was multi player gaming or MMOG (Massively Multi-player Online Gaming), but it was considered a lofty idea by some, and a total dream by others. For a couple, it was a passion, and for one, it was his destiny. That one is Trevor Burton, and WOW did he come through. Incredibly infact.

From the very first day we’d even breathed the words MMOG with Papervision3D, Trevor was throwing a framework together with ideas and concepts about how to get an SDK to the masses to add their own ships, weapons, objects and participate at a much deeper level in the game itself. He worked tirelessly for months and months. He kept going at it, even through the time when people had forgotten about the idea of PaperWorld. He’d ping me with updates and how he was coming along and I’d be waiting with great anticipation to finally get my hands on the framework and give it a go! I was simply amazed at his ability to stay on target.

Then, PaperWorld3D received a huge blessing – the guys over at Influxis/ saw the vision of what was to be the backend framework for gaming. We were at a point where we needed to get the backend framework started, and needed a place to host the demo. After a brief phone call and very little description, they jumped in head first with us and made it possible for Trevor to work full time on both the client side side and now server side of the framework. So, not only was trevor great with AS3 and Flash, he apparently was pretty decent with Java as well, and has been hard at work on the PaperWorld3D server using Red5 and the guys over at Influxis/Red5Server made it possible in a much much shorter amount of time.

Now, all of that is VERY cool in and of itself, right? But get this, the guys at influxis/Red5Server all agreed that the backend framework, along with the client side framework, should be open sourced to the public – INCREDIBLE. That’s a HUGE gift from them to not only the Flash Community, but anyone wanting to leverage MMOG abilities in a game system online.

It is with great pride and admiration that get to announce the release of Paperworld3D to you today! And it’s also a moment I’d like to say congratulations to Trevor for a job well done – you ROCK my friend!

The press release was also just picked up by Yahoo today as well

Get yer goodies here:

PaperWorld3D is released on GoogleCode:

The server is licensed unde the LGPL open source license