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Save Pinky! now on Android

Well, it took a couple of weeks to integrate the android plugins in to the project to co-exist with the iOS plugins 😉 But overall the experience was very good and it runs excellent on android!

So if you’ve felt left out of the fun, now’s your chance to show those iOS players how Android players roll!

Get it

WebGL Helicopter Demo – Controls

It’s funny how things in life prompt you to change course or learn something new.  If you’d asked me a month ago about WebGL and if I’d be doing it, I would have surely said “no”.  But, after talking to 2 different agencies about contract work recently, I quickly realized that WebGL was catching fire to a certain extent.  Then, after talking to Carlos Ulloa about it, I realized I had a lot more experience with this type of 3D development than I realized.  After years of Papervision3D development, I found I was right at home with WebGL development.  It’s very similar to many of the techniques and limitations of Flash/3D development, with the nice twist of Javascript and browser incompatibilities thrown in… as if it wasn’t difficult enough to write 3D games/apps!

So naturally I dove in head first with a helicopter simulation 😉  I’ll be able to release this by the beginning of next week hopefully


Apples n’ More Released!

Single Player mode

Single Player mode

Well it’s been 3yrs since I actually started this little project.  I started it when I bought my first iPad and have been tinkering with it ever since on and off.  I finally got some help with managing the final tasks and then UniSWF came out and really kicked everything in overdrive.  UniSWF rocks – for an old flash geek like me, I was able to create GUI and animations and implement them in Unity3D with complete ease.  I had the scoreboards redone and implemented may new animations  that would have been nearly impossible for me in Unity3D without the help of UniSWF.

So, now that it’s been released, I’m trying to get some exposure, so I’ve dropped the price to free for 5 days.  It’s a lot of fun for single player mode where you can challenge your friends on GameCenter as well as challenge your friends and family in 2 and 4 player modes.  Just make sure they trim their fingernails before you play with them 😉  It gets vicious!

If you like the game please leave a comment and rate the game if you would, we’d love to know how it’s being received and if there are any suggestions for updates and fixes,

Thanks every one!

Copteropolis – Canyon Run

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It’s nearly ready!

Copteropolis (was StuntCopter): Coming Soon

[tweetmeme source=”neoRiley” only_single=false] I’ve been BUSY!  Between IR5 work and my kids sports, I’ve had very little extra time to work on projects.  However, a little while back, I got the urge to breakout Battlefield 1942 and install the Desert Combat Mod so I could fly the helicopters again!  If you played the game, then you know – it’s helicopter controls were the BEST EVER!!  It took me a month to figure out HOW to fly them because of the rudder controls with pitch/roll combined.  But once a friend of mind showed me, I OWNED EVERYONE.  Even the jets feared me.  I loved flying the helicopters in that game!

Well, I finally snapped and decided I was going to try and recreate the controls and feel and see how hard it was to create that sensation in Unity.  It was definitely a bit of a labor, but I had it dialed in in about a weeks time and it rocks \m/

So, of course, I decided to create a game – StuntCopter!


The Refinery Compound

The story line is that we have a helicopter academy and we’ve secured 2 abandoned locations, so far, for helicopter training: Copteropolis and The Old Refinery Compound.  As a pilot, you’ll have the ability to free fly around both locations and learn how to pilot the helicopters.  Take you’re time as you learn in the slow but sure Huey.  Taking off, landing and turning all sound very simple until you have to work with throttle and rudders along with pitch and roll at the same time!  As you become more comfortable and consistent, move up to T.C.’s chopper of choice -Hughes 500D.  It’s quick, is very touchy with the controls, but can take harder landings because of the height of it’s landing gear, and might be the perfect choice for those more detailed courses.  You’ll also have access to the more recent BO 1o5 helicopter – you may have seen it doing back flips on youtube!  This heli is FAST!  Not as nimble as the 500D, but if you’re looking for flat out speed, this is the copter of choice.

And don’t worry – I put in noob controls so you can fly it with 2 thumbs.  However, you’ll be limited to certain tracks and courses, so you just might want to man up from the beginning and fly with the true controls.

There are 3 competition types:

  1. Rescue:  In Copteropolis, you’ll be trained to locate accidents and air lift victims to the nearest hospital!  The closer you land to the middle of the landing circle, the sooner the victim is loaded and you can fly to the hospital.  How fast can you save everyone?
  2. Race:  In Copteropois and The Refinery Compound you’ll have to race through obstacles to beat your best times.  You’ll be ghost racing against yourself!
  3. Car Chase:  In Copteropolis, you’ll have 2 choices of difficulty for a car chase:  OJ’s bronco (easy), or the Ferrari (difficult).  The goal is to block intersections before the car gets to them to force them up on the freeway down to the either end. You have to master the controls to even think of attempting either vehicle chase!

The game functionality is nearly complete and I’m working on create more levels for ghost racing, but it’s nearly there!  I’ll post about it again once it hits the app store, but I’m also considering releasing it as a web game, so I’ll be posting details about that soon!

[UPDATE] – thanks to someone being more heads up than me, it was discovered that an iPad game called “StuntCopter” has just been released! I’m changing the name and for now, it’ll be “Copteropolis”.  Suggestions are welcome!

Until then check out the first demo video featuring footage from all 3 competition types:


New Aerial Combat Demo & Tutorial

[tweetmeme source=”neoRiley” only_single=false]Well, people often wonder why I tweet so little and why there are such long stretches in between.  The answer is simple enough:  I work.  Well, it’s more complicated than that, I work, I’m headcoach for my son’s football team, my daughter is in both soccer AND volley ball and I’m involved in all of them in some way or another.  That, and I just came off of a really nice game project that took 7 months of my life, and I can’t seem to do social network stuff while working and still be productive.  I don’t know how you all do it!  Anyway, I’d been wanting to do SOMETHING of a blog post just to get back into contributing to the Unity community, and so when I came off this current project, it was my turn to post something on the IR5 blog – YAY!

So, since Unite 11 is starting today and I’d promised to do a demo on this back in 09′ while speaking at Unite 09, I figured it was time to make good on my promise.  I’ve finally put it all together in a very simple, yet flushed out, demo of how I did dog fighting in The Trench Run.

Check out the post, files and demo over at


Shell Shock – now a +Plus app!

Well, as you can guess from the previous post, I’d been waiting for an app to clear review with the app store – that time has FINALLY come!

Shell Shock is now a +Plus application – you can install and play it on iTouch, iPhone, iPad (iPad, iPhone 3Gs/4, iTouch 3rd Gen only)!  Same price, multiple devices!

Shell Shock now supports retina display as well and the controls have been reconfigured to match across all devices.  The Angle and Power handles have been made larger for easier control as well.


iPhone Main Menu

Level 21!

Level 28!

Shell Shock makes “New and Noteworty”

[tweetmeme source=”neoRiley” only_single=false]I was seriously stoked this morning to wake up and find that “Shell Shock” was listed in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the Featured games section of the iPad appstore!  BIG thanks to everyone who passed it along and tweeted about it, I really appreciate the help!

How to do Lasers in Unity3D

I was recently asked about how the lasers were done in Star Wars Trench Run and I’d said I’d blog about that and a few other items, so here’s the first of a few.  This is the same material I covered at Unite 2009, so if you’ve seen the video or were there, there’s nothing new;)

Here we’ll cover one way of doing lasers with Unity3D that looks good and is performance friendly for the iPhone.  This isn’t meant to be exhaustive by the way, it’s just meant to be the base overview of what a laser *is* in Unity and how I managed it in terms of performance for the iPhone game.  So with that, let’s jump in to some steps on setting it up.

Create LineRenderer

0. First, Create an empty GameObject in your scene.

1.  Then, attach a line renderer component to your GameObject and position the GameObject where the tip of the laser cannon will fire from.  Why not just use a particle emitter?  This is because the ellipsoid particle emitter has a bug.  even if you set the size of the ellipsoid to 0 on all 3 axis or .0001, you will see that it starts at a random location on the z axis.  Unity acknowledged the bug.  So to fix this, since we can’t emit using the particle emitter from the cannon’s tip, we have to first show a line renderer.  Below are some typical settings you could use for a LineRenderer as a laser bolt:

Properties of a general LineRenderer for a laser

Here’s what it should look like in the Unity IDE when you get your GameObjects in place:

GameObjects with LineRenderes placed at the cannons

I created a class called LaserControl, and when I want it to show, this is literally what I do:

public var isShowingLaser:boolean = false;
function showLaser()
   if( isShowingLaser ) return;
   isShowingLaser = true;
   thisRenderer.enabled = true;

   yield WaitForSeconds (.05);
   isShowingLaser = false;

as you can see, it shows it for .05ms then hides it by calling reset laser which just does this:

function resetLaser()
   this.renderer.enabled = false;

3.  So, then create your own class that extends MonoBehaviour and attach it to the GameObject that you added the LineRenderer to.

Create Particle Emitter

Now that we have this really nice LineRenderer laser that looks great coming from the tip of the cannon, we actually need to emit a laser to “fly” on it’s own path, right? So the concept for this is:  create empty GameObjects to server as 3D points for your emitter to “jump” to when you when it is to emit a laser from a particular cannon.  Since a particle emitter counts as 1 draw call for all of its particles, this makes it especially nice on an iPhone build.  Even better, it’s very lightweight on a web based game.

0.  Create 1 new GameObject for every cannon you have.  In this instance, I had 4 for the X-Wing, so I created 4 GameObjects with nothing in them.  Then give them names like TL, TR, BL, BR (topLeft, topRight, bottomLeft, bottomRight).

Here’s a screenshot of one of the emitter locations highlighted in the editor:

Empty GameObject serves as location for emitter later on

1.  Position these new GameObjects at the very end of the LineRenderer in your scene.  These will be the location that the emitter jumps to just before being told to Emit(1).

2.  Now, create a GameObject.  Then, with that GameOject selected, add: 1) Ellipsoid Particle Emitter, 2) Particle Animator, 3) Particle Renderer.

3.  In Particle Ellipsoid Emitter, set Local Velocity > z = -500.  This is the speed essentially.  If you want a faster laser, increase the number.  Make sure “Simulate in worldspace” is checked as this will allow emitted particles to carry on their path in world space once they’re fired.  Set the Ellipsoid to 0 on all 3 axis.  Finally, set Min Emitter Range = .0001 to make sure it fires from the closest location to the center of the GameObject as possible.  Like I said, with the bug, it’s a bit random on the z axis, but you’ll never see that in the game.  Leave the Particle Animator as is.

4.  Now the other bit of magic in making the laser is the Particle Renderer.  You’ll want to set “Stretch Patricles” = Stretched, with a length scale of 7 or so.  You can play with this number as it will determine how good your bolt looks in length.  Then set the “Max Particle Size” = .01.

Here’s a screen shot of the settings for the particle emitter and renderer ( the animator is left with its defaults ):

Particle Emitter settings


At this point, you have the physical objects in your scene to manage your lasers.  The last remaining step is to write a class that moves the emitter to each of those 4 emitter location GameObjects, tells the LineRenderer to show() and then emit 1 particle – BAM!  You now have lasers in Unity!

Hope this helps and hope you have a Bandit day 😉

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Trench Run 1.5.2 Released!

New Millennium Falcon Texture

Well, we’d had a  bug in 1.4 unfortunately that for many players caused the game to not load past the company logos ;(  The bad news is, it took a while to get the update out to Apple, but the good news is, we fixed a few other things while we were at it 😉

1.  Black screen bug – fixed

2.  Added Calibration – hit pause, then “Calibrate” – you can now play at any normal angle you desire.  Now you don’t have to be Choir boy to play it.

Calibration Screen

3.  in-game sensitivity slider – people were unable to look in the settings panel for some reason, so we put the slider in both locations for your convenience

Sensitivity Controls

4.  Moved the “Difficulty” selection out of “settings” panel and now you have to select your difficulty when selecting your mission.  Again, people went out of their way to avoid looking at the settings panel, and thus, thought the game was 5 levels of EASY mode.  Yeah, I’d be pissed / disappointed too if that was all there was to the game.  To all you “reviewers” out there that said the game was 15 minutes long – try looking around next time and actual REVIEW the GAME before you “review” the game.  If anyone beats the game on Jedi in 15 minutes, their lying.  It takes 5 minutes to beat the Dog Fight level alone and that’s IF you can beat it.  Never mind the cannons section – they eat you alive.  Not to mention Darth is a menace and the exhaust port is nearly impossible to hit ( note i said nearly, it IS possible ).  So take off the dresses and put your manskirt on – play it on Jedi and get back to me.  If anything you’ll just be pissed off cause you see Yavin4 get toasted a million times 😉

New Mission Selection Screen

5.  Increased the overall speed – it’s about 10% faster overall approx.

6.  switched to the classic texture for the Millennium Falcon easter egg 😉

If you like what you see with 1.5.2, please take a moment to give us a rating or even a review on the AppStore.  The last bug really killed our ratings.  Our ratings are a perfect horseshoe – the people who got to play it, loved it.  The people that had the bug, hated it.  Understandably so.  Apparently, the VERY first time they played it, they got into the first arcade level, then inexplicably hit the “home” button on the device, thereby exiting the game during the game play ( no comment ).  This caused the black screen bug.

At last, this one issue has been fixed and finally released to the public along with the 2 most requested updates – calibration and sensitivity control in-game!

Merry Christmas to all you Star Wars fans!  I do hope you have fun beating the game on JEDI!!