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Try it on HARD or Jedi

We’re seeing comments from people who say Trench Run is too “easy” or “I finished it in 10 minutes”.

Please – go to settings, set it to something that’s a challenge like HARD or JEDI. THEN tell me it’s too easy. Trust me, it’s not, and it’s FAST.

If you beat it on Jedi, and still feel like it’s slow or too easy or you finished it too quickly, THEN i’ll take you seriously, but until then, RTFM – ever hear of settings? Use em’ 🙂

PS> we’re still waiting on v1.1 to be approved by apple. I swear, if they charged a $500 fee to expedite a review of a release, I’d pay it. This 3-4 week wait time is completely unreasonable.

[/rant]… for now


Unite 2009 – Great Time!

I’m just about to leave San Francisco after have done 3 sessions over the past 2 days at Unite 2009. What an awesome event it was!

The people from Unity are unbelievably cool – every single one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and the sessions were all excellent. I guess I’ve been to so many Flash conferences that this was a really nice change of pace.

The 3 Sessions I did went extremely well and the people that attended were awesome – we talked alot of star wars 😉

I’ll post the Quicktime keynote exports when I get home, but these were the topics:

1. Flash3D to Unity3D – what’s the transition like?
2. Flashers doing the iPhone thing and why
3. Intro to Unity iPhone development: Case study on the Trench Run game

I’ll leave you with this slide from Session3 😉

WE WON 36-12!!

Look I know you guys come here for Flash/Papervision/unity/3D/Music/StarWars stuff, but I’m adding football as a side note.

See, i’m head coach for my son’s team this year (it’s his first year) and I’ve been loving every single minute of it!!  Seriously, it suits me just fine, the kids respond well, and we’re a good team.

Well, we’d been loosing some games here, and we finally got the kinks ironed out on offense and defense!  This week, we played the Colts again, and just ruined them.   They’d beat us 2 weeks ago so, I was ready to take what should have been ours 2 weeks ago:  a win 😉

The score was 36-12, and Luke (my son) scored 3 of the touch down and caught a pass for 7yrds  –  That’s Right 5-6yr olds throwing passes – thats MY kind of offense 😉  And I swear to you, we had a parent jokingly tell me we’d never throw at this age.  Well, this is 2 games in a row, we’ve thrown and caught a pass 😉

Anyway, I do mean to gloat – its not very often and we worked our tails off in practice and it finally showed on the field.

And finally, this is a great picture of Luke 😉  3 guys, all over him, and he’s pullin’ em down field – LOVE IT!!

NEW: Papervision3D Component 2.1

I’ve just posted the latest version of the component for the Flash IDE:

It’s been a long long wait and I’ve been handing the component out at Flash conferences and classes that I’ve taught, but was waiting for Flash CS4 to be fixed to work with my component.  CS4 has alot of known issues with components, Adobe is well aware of the issues that cause my component not to work and I’m sure it’ll be fixed down the road sometime.

So for now, the component will only work in Flash CS3 IDE.

New Features and bug fixes:

1.  new Materials panel – now you can deal with your materials through this panel that Andy Zupko added oh so long ago 😉

2.  Code Templates:  I’ve put in 2 templates for writing code against the component all flushed out with all the event listeners etc.

3.  Many bugs fixed

Thanks all, and enjoy!

John is backup!

Sorry for the hassle and broken links everyone!  Rockonflash is back up!  Links for xray and all other demo files should work just fine now. Please let me know if you have a problem

Papervision Training at Flash on Tap

Man, I was just over at Keith’s blog and saw him realizing that FOT is just 3 weeks away!!! I instantly had the same reaction – holy beer batman!

I thought it’d be good a good idea to post what Andy and I will be covering and what you’ll need.  We’re giving a live full day workshop the day before the event starts.  If you haven’t signed up and you’re interested in going to the 1 day work shop (you don’t have to attend FOT for this), email me at neoriley at gmail dot com and I can get you the same $70 off discount code.

What we’ll be covering:

John first half of day:

  1. Papervision basics – scenes, cameras, setup
  2. cameras and animation
  3. Primitives
  4. Materials
  5. Collada
  6. Papervision3D component for Flash IDE (requires CS3 unfortunately)

Andy will cover:

  1. Effects and Layers
  2. Effects Filters
  3. Shaders

The class has filled up nicely I so far and I’m really glad to get out and teach again.  Its something I really enjoy doing

Change to my Session at FOT

It was a year ago when i’d put up my description for my Session at Flash on Tap and I’d really intended just to follow through with that, but now that we’re getting much closer to the actual event, I think my topic is really not in sync with what I’v been working with in the past 6+ months.

So, I’m going to be covering the development crossovers between Papervision/actionscript3, to Unity3D/Javascript, to iPhone 3D gaming.  I’ll be showing the differences and similarities between Papervsion and Unity3D and talk about the caveats to iPhone 3D gaming with its abilities and limitations.  I’ll also being showing the Unity3D IDE,  features and workflow.

Stunt Bike iPhone game in Unity3D IDE

Stunt Bike running on iPhone

Many of the issues we deal with in Papervision3D are applicable to the iPhone 3D gaming development.  With Unity as a middle man for development, I think there’s plenty to talk about 😉

Hope to see many of you there!