Copteropolis – Canyon Run

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It’s nearly ready!

  1. This looks like a fair bit of fun. I do think the camera is viewing to far down, it seems to want to respect the orientation of the helicopter a bit too much; Looking downwards too much, the helicopter pilot would just lift his head more and look out the top of the window, giving him good visibility.

    It looks like it runs well and the controls look responsive. Quite interested to see other environments/maps.

    I assume this is unity? is this running in flash?

    • The game is about flying helicopters – not just racing. So, the camera is the way it is on purpose. It serves in not only a competitive manner by forcing the pilot to learn the track and make moves based on the terrain, but also allows for other types of tasks like search and rescue and car chases. It did take a lot of time and effort to get the camera just right to deal with all situations, and it’s in a very good sweat spot right now.

      Yes, this is a Unity3D game produced for iOS and web distribution. It *should* be done in about 4 weeks!

      Thanks for your comments, I do appreciate it,


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