Extracting True Type Fonts from Font Suitcase files

[tweetmeme source=”neoRiley” only_single=false]If you’re using Unity on a Mac, you’ve undoubtedly had to import Fonts for use within your application.  Normally, you would design in Fireworks/Photoshop first, then translated that design to Unity.  After I’ve settled on what fonts I want to use, I open up Font Book and locate the fonts location on my HDD.  Of course, there are plenty of fonts that are stored in a “Font Suitcase” type of container, and as you’ve seen – Unity can’t use them.

The nice thing is, there is a tool to extract (probably several tools) the TTF files stored in Font Suitcases.  This particular one is called Fondu.

  1. Once you’ve downloaded it, extract it.
  2. Open terminal
  3. Change directory to the dir that you extracted fondu in
  4. type: ./configure
  5. type: make
  6. type: make install

This will install fondu and configure it to run.

To get your TTF, use terminal and type:

fondu [pathToYourFontSuitcaseFile]

fondu /Users/NeoRiley\ 1/Documents/RockonFlash/iPhone/Bombs\ Away/production/fonts/Eurostile

Ding. Done.  Now you have whatever TTF files you need for Unity (or whatever use you might have for them)

Have a Bandit day!

  1. Hey John~ Great site! Good luck.

    • Kent
    • August 12th, 2011

    I tried this out and got an error “Can’t find an appropriate resource fork in …”

    I read about viewing resource forks in another blog and used the following to extract from my provided font suitcase.

    fondu “TheFontName”/..namedfork/rsrc

    that worked 100%

    • sine
    • August 19th, 2011

    Same problem as Kent – but unfortunately his solution isn’t working for me…. so far.
    Terminal says “Can’t find an appropriate resource fork in ..namedfork/rsrc”

    • thebaron
    • October 9th, 2011

    try just the ..namedfork part:

    $ fondu “TheFontName”/..namedfork

    Also, you can apply this patch to fondu.c if you want to be able to leave the ..namedfork part off and just use the name of the font.

    — fondu.c 2005-10-10 18:15:41.000000000 -0400
    +++ fondu.c.blc 2011-10-08 20:03:40.000000000 -0400
    @@ -940,12 +940,12 @@
    #ifndef OldMacintosh
    /* OS/X and linux with appropriate drivers */
    static int HasResourceFork(char *filename,PSFONT *psfont) {
    – char *respath = malloc(strlen(filename)+strlen(“/rsrc”)+1);
    + char *respath = malloc(strlen(filename)+strlen(“/..namedfork/rsrc”)+1);
    FILE *temp;
    int ret=false;

    – strcat(respath,”/rsrc”);
    + strcat(respath,”/..namedfork/rsrc”);
    temp = fopen(respath,”r”);
    if ( temp!=NULL ) {

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