Love Jing…seriously – but it can be a hog

If you’ve had an issue with your computer seamingly slowed by some unknown process, and you have Jing running, try quiting Jing and see how that affects performance.

I use C#Express in VMWare nearly as much as I use Unity3D on the mac side all day long, 5-7dyas a week.  Recently, I’d noticed that I had to reboot my entire system to get C#Express out of the funk.  The typing would become very laggy / slow and basically a nightmare to work in, especially if I was in a hurry (when am I NOT in a hurry?!)

After stopping each process and app one by one, Jing finally proved to be the culprit.

I love Jing, so much so, i’ll risk having it on and raping my system for resources.  I’m betting that the process has to do with the history ( a feature I am in love with btw ).  But who knows.  I hope someone’s reported this already 😉

    • Mike Curtis, TechSmith
    • July 27th, 2010

    Thanks for your post. To be clear, I work at TechSmith on the Jing team but I can share a little news.

    With the next release we’re going to require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. We _HOPE_ (no proof yet) we’ll be able to leverage some gains there.

    Bill, lead developer of Jing, wrote up a detailed post some time ago that gets into some of the known issues and work at that time. He also details how .NET makes it seem like Jing might be using more memory than it is.

    Thanks for the feedback–we want Jing to be faster and smaller!

    Mike Curtis, TechSmith

  1. I also have a similar issue – tho it is not related to .NET as I am on a Mac.

    I love the history also, but have been using it for years, so certainly don’t need everything still in there – could probably purge 95% of what is there.

    Is there a way of doing this?


    • other than walking through each image and deleting, I think you can do it on the website

    • Mike Curtis, TechSmith
    • December 7th, 2010

    Hi URsh,

    If you open the History in Jing on Mac, then hold Shift, you can multi-select and delete. It will delete the content from your History, and attempt to delete it from the hosted location.

    There is one other way to blast away the History, but we don’t encourage it. Here’s a post that talks about where the actual History folder is located:

    Mike Curtis, Jing team

  2. Thanks Mike!! You, as usual, ROCK \m/

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