Shell Shock ( new iPad game) just released!

[tweetmeme source=”neoRiley” only_single=false]Well, good ol’ Apple too their time with the review process on this one.  40+ hours the game sat in “In Review” status – really?!

If you like the video/screenshots, please pass along to your friends who have iPad’s and might like the game pretty please!  Thanks much!

★★★★★ Shell Shock!

★ Shell Shock is the classic angle & shoot game where the player uses angle and power to fire shells over obstacles at their targets.

★ Created from the ground up exclusively for the iPad, this game brings a solid game concept to an entirely new level!

★ Work your way through 20+ levels of full 3D environments along with a beautiful sound track and sound efx!

The first 10 levels are training levels. Safe in the confines of your home planet, you sharpen your skills until you’re ready for the REAL battle field!

★ BATTLE(Campaign #1: The Veil of Darkness):
The NEXT 10 Mission levels are spent in Battle! In this first campaign, you find yourself immersed in a twisted and sinister world full of darkness!

★ BATTLE(Campaign #2: Coming VERY soon):

★ BATTLE(Campaign #3: Coming Soon):

★ BATTLE(Campaign #4: Coming Soon):

v1.0 Features:

★ Classic Tank Arcade Game Play
★ 3D environments
★ Realistic physics
★ Powerful sound efx and music score

First seven people can use these promo codes for a free copy – but you must give a rating, and only if it’s positive 😉


    • viaria
    • July 10th, 2010

    what a game..

    • David
    • July 13th, 2010

    Greetings Neo,

    Are there plans to upgrade Trench Run to use the gyroscope in the iPhone 4?

    Also, will a Star Wars Vector Arcade emulator be coming soon?


  1. Trench Run 2.0 is in review right now with Apple, so it should be coming very soon!

    As for true iPhone 4 hardware support, no unfortunately. It works great on an iPhone 4 of course, but by the time the iPhone 4 phone actually came out for sale, the game was already in final stages of QA.

    I guess depending on how well v2.0 of Trench Run does with the new Brass Monkey feature, that will tell us if we’ll do the vector version 😉

    • David
    • July 14th, 2010

    Hey Neo,

    One other thing. Could you pretty please submit an update that would add a “Toggle Orientation” option to the game. Seems easy enough to do.

    Do it for the fans;)


  2. man, I lobbied for that big time – I really did! But time was against us with getting the app out of QA so that we could get it submitted.

    BUT, if we do get to another update, I’m fairly confident we’ll get the orientation switched 😉

  3. Just curious, this was done in Unity right?

  4. yes, done with Unity 1.7 – I’d originally developed it with unity3.0 beta 2, but i I’d have to update my license for unity to get the “trial version” turned off and i don’t have the cash for that right now. So I went back down to 1.7 to get it out.

    Works great!

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