New iPhone/Web Game: Racked.

A little Rubik’s cube, a little Pool action, a little strategy, and you’ve got Racked!

Puzzles for the ages.

The cool thing about Racked is that I came up with it by putting our pool balls on a wire grid and making it up with my daughter Riley – we ended up playing for 3hrs straight the first night.  I knew right then, I had to try it on the iPhone 😉

So, I went ahead and did it in Unity3D.  At first you might think that’s a little silly given that the game is largely 2D-ish.  However, being able to code in C#, then deploy to both iPhone AND web – it was a no brainer. And as usual, the actual game engine took 8hrs to code while the UI/help and everything else took 4 weeks to finish.  My neighbor said it was his favorite game title so far – whatever that means!

So with that, check out the web version:

And of course, if you’re into iPhone puzzle games, it’s available on iTunes ( if you do buy it, and like it, please give it a review! ):

    • David
    • March 15th, 2010

    Will there be an iPad version with the graphics at the level of Trench Run on the website?

  1. I can’t say for SURE, but we’ve definitely talked about it and if the port is easy, we’ll likely do it.

    • David
    • March 16th, 2010

    Hey Neo,

    Sorry to bother you again.
    I have one more question. Could you make the game be playable/calibrated at different angles than just the limited range?
    I saw Top Gun has a calibration system that would allow one to play at all angles including looking up if you wanted to play lying down. It shouldn’t be that hard of a mod.

    Thanks again,

    • Hey David! no bother at all, and sorry I didn’t reply on the Star Wars thread, I just got busy 🙂

      As for the calibration, The reason that TopGun is able to do that is because they’re not really letting you fly complete 360 degrees. so you’re steering is limited to left and right and a very small up and down area, but still it works for what it does. The benefit of that game having limited flying space is that it hides the true fault of the accelerometer in the iPhone. There is no way to truly account for being upside down and steering left and right. There’s a point where when you steerin in either direction that the numbers actually flip, and you have no way of dealing with it because you can’t be sure what the user is doing – trust me, I’ve researched this thoroughly 😉

      What happens is that you lay on your back, and up / down translation works just fine – true. But, when steering left/right, there’s a point where the numbers flip. IE: the accel value that was incrementing positively all of the sudden starts going backward when you get past a certain point.

      The problem stems from the accelerometer being Gravity based. It’s not giving you a true 360 degree reading on x/y/z – that would be heaven! Instead, its -0 to 1 or 0 to 1 on any of the 3 axis. When you go from flat on the desk, and angle it up towards your body, it goes from 0 to 1, then when it’s perfectly straight up and facing you directly, it begins to go back down to 0. So you can start to see the problem it presents.

      If you see a game that you *think* lets you calibrate and play at any position, just remember to think about what they let you do. If it’s minimal movement like Top Gun, then they can get away with it.

      But also ask yourself this: Do I really want to play a game lying down? Some games, yeah maybe, but I’ll bet more times than not, you get too tired with your arms OR you fall asleep and drop the thing on your nose – and that hurts 😉

    • David
    • March 16th, 2010

    Sorry not to mention it before.
    Both of my questions above were concerning Trench Run, not Racked ( which I’m sure is also a great game).
    The reason I’m such a Trench Run nut, especially if you could port the awesome graphics from the version to the Ipad or touch is because I believe what you have with Trench Run is possibly the coolest game the Ipad will ever have. People will say,

    “Have you seen that Star Wars game on iPad!!!”

    • yeah I completely agree! The problem we face with the version vs the iPhone/iPad version is that the iPad version still only has the same hardware as the 3GS/iTouch 3rd Gen devices. The display is bigger so that’s nice, but the version of the game uses real time shading/lighting as well as some post render efx on screen that just aren’t supported on the iPhone. There *are* some things that we can do on the 3Gs, but we’re not all together sure what those will mean in terms of performance overall. But we’ll certainly try!

      PS> v2.0 of StarWars Trench run is coming out soon – 4 new ships, 2 new mission levels, 1 new arcade mode. It’ll blow yer mind

  2. its really nice game for iphone

  3. Gongratz on such a nice game! I find my best ideas come when (like you), your doing something, then the next moment some clever and interesting idea comes to mind. The fact that you played it for three hours prooves that it’s an addictive game! Well done. *walks off and tries to find tutorials on iPhone games :p*

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