Unity 2009 Presentation video

They were finally able to produce and post the video of one of my presentations at Unite 2009. This one covered much of the iPhone Trench Run project in detail. I went through the entire project practically.



  1. Awesome thanks for that John – learned heaps from this 🙂

  2. anytime!

    • Solomon
    • February 18th, 2010

    One minor mistake in the presentation. At the end you stated “Han shot FIRST”. Actually…it should read “Han shot”.

    Great presentation btw…are the poly numbers (static and skinned) guidelines for 30fps on the 3g? Also, did you get any metrics on texture budgets. I only saw where you suggested sizes.

    • AMEN – Han shot – period. Good call.

      The 3G is a disappointment. If it’ll run on a 1st gen iPhone, it’ll run on a 3G – and the opposite is really true from what we’ve seen with our Unity projects. So the real memory and performance issue was in the textures used for UI as well as for the 3D Objects. we had some UI elements that were odd sizes. As soon as we made everything mip-mappable, the memory went down considerably and we gained performance. So that little tip right there could make a big difference.

      So basically, you’ve got a 40mb memory cap before an iPhone app will start giving you problems. That’s about all I can tell you for your project so spend wizely when making decisions about textures and sizes. It’s not a bad limit, but you run out of memory in a hurry if you’re not super anal about every little thing you import into your project.

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