Trench Run 1.5.2 Released!

New Millennium Falcon Texture

Well, we’d had a  bug in 1.4 unfortunately that for many players caused the game to not load past the company logos ;(  The bad news is, it took a while to get the update out to Apple, but the good news is, we fixed a few other things while we were at it 😉

1.  Black screen bug – fixed

2.  Added Calibration – hit pause, then “Calibrate” – you can now play at any normal angle you desire.  Now you don’t have to be Choir boy to play it.

Calibration Screen

3.  in-game sensitivity slider – people were unable to look in the settings panel for some reason, so we put the slider in both locations for your convenience

Sensitivity Controls

4.  Moved the “Difficulty” selection out of “settings” panel and now you have to select your difficulty when selecting your mission.  Again, people went out of their way to avoid looking at the settings panel, and thus, thought the game was 5 levels of EASY mode.  Yeah, I’d be pissed / disappointed too if that was all there was to the game.  To all you “reviewers” out there that said the game was 15 minutes long – try looking around next time and actual REVIEW the GAME before you “review” the game.  If anyone beats the game on Jedi in 15 minutes, their lying.  It takes 5 minutes to beat the Dog Fight level alone and that’s IF you can beat it.  Never mind the cannons section – they eat you alive.  Not to mention Darth is a menace and the exhaust port is nearly impossible to hit ( note i said nearly, it IS possible ).  So take off the dresses and put your manskirt on – play it on Jedi and get back to me.  If anything you’ll just be pissed off cause you see Yavin4 get toasted a million times 😉

New Mission Selection Screen

5.  Increased the overall speed – it’s about 10% faster overall approx.

6.  switched to the classic texture for the Millennium Falcon easter egg 😉

If you like what you see with 1.5.2, please take a moment to give us a rating or even a review on the AppStore.  The last bug really killed our ratings.  Our ratings are a perfect horseshoe – the people who got to play it, loved it.  The people that had the bug, hated it.  Understandably so.  Apparently, the VERY first time they played it, they got into the first arcade level, then inexplicably hit the “home” button on the device, thereby exiting the game during the game play ( no comment ).  This caused the black screen bug.

At last, this one issue has been fixed and finally released to the public along with the 2 most requested updates – calibration and sensitivity control in-game!

Merry Christmas to all you Star Wars fans!  I do hope you have fun beating the game on JEDI!!

    • Jim
    • January 27th, 2010

    Any plans to add the original vector arcade game? That was my all-time favorite game growing up. Thanks!

    • yeah it was a favorite of mine too! We’ve had this request the most out of any other, and it’s something we’re planning on doing. It’ won’t be apart of 2.0 i’m afraid, but it IS something we want to do.

    • David Melis
    • January 28th, 2010

    First off, great game!!!!

    I was wondering if you could please allow the game to be played with the iphone tilted either way instead of one side?

    Thank you,
    David Melis

    • that’s a request we’ve had on the books to do. 2.0 is coming out soon with 2 extra missions and 1 more arcade level. Plus we’re adding a few more ships for you to fly. I’m not sure that the flip will happen in this build, but it IS on the list of things to do 😉

    • Steve
    • February 1st, 2010

    I just bought this game. Couple of things…what does sensitivity do? I changed it but don’t notice a difference. The dogfight is really difficult even on easy mode. Can’t seem to get the tie fighters onto my screen and into my sights. No matter how I tilt the phone they just hug the side of the screen. Am I missing something? How do you become Darth? Thanks!

    • if the sensitivity doesn’t make a diff ( and you should see a pretty substantial diff ), then delete the app and reinstall via the app store. They won’t charge you again even though they ask you for your password and it says “buy”. Just do it, and it’ll then tell you that you already own the app and they’ll reinstall for free.

      As for flying as Darth: instructions>controls> tap the area on the image that says “toggle cockpit” a few times. Play!

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