Trench Run v1.4 update now available!!

v1.4 for the Trench Run has FINALLY been approved by Apple ( still making its way around the planet ).  This version fixes a major memory issue experienced by 1st Gen iPhone and 3G iPhone users.   It also has a couple of other minor fixes as well.

The one nice thing about this fix is we were able to put the nice 3Gs version of the trench into all versions of the game now – so it looks beautiful no matter what you’re playing it on 🙂

3Gs Trench

We’d been able to hand out a few copies to people who bought the app on a 3G and 1st Gen iPhone and they all reported that the game worked perfectly on their devices with the update!

So if you gave us a bad review on the app store because of the game quiting, freezing, dying on you, would you PLEASE install the update and try again?  We would REALLY appreciate the help and a positive rating if you have the time.  Apple has taken their sweet time in approving this fix, and the ratings have killed us on this one issue.  VERY VERY FRUSTRATING!

Also, I think we’ve done everything we can possibly do to service the people who spent their hard earned money on this game – and we took it a step further this time 😉

I had meant to hold on to this easter egg for a while, but since this bug cause such a problem for a many gamers out there, I’m letting this one out early to say “thank you” for your patience and time!

Easter egg:  Fly in the Millennium Falcon:

Millennium Falcon Cockpit view

Dog Fight View


*  Fly as Millennium Falcon

*  Insti-gib cannons – one shot kills/destroys.   You only get 4 blasts at a time, but one bolt destroys the object.

How do you get to it?!

click Play Now.  When you see the Death Star in the next screen, touch the Death Star’s cannon area (inset circle area when the big bad laser comes out).  Now play as the Millennium Falcon 😉

OH and PS> if you’re a supposed iPhone app reviewer, please try the game in JEDI mode and adjust the sensitivity ( you know, because, it’d probably PLAY better ) – OH and don’t forget to try the ARCADE MODES which make game play infinitely longer…just a request 😉

    • MC
    • December 1st, 2009

    You’re all clear kid!

  1. Saw Trench Run featured on Attack Of The Show tonight. Awesome!

    • Geo
    • December 1st, 2009

    Quick question – I’m plugging along with a 1st Gen iPod touch and wonder how well Trench Run will, well, run. Have you tested it on the oldest of old school iDevices like mine? Thanks!

    • We honestly haven’t played on 1st Gen iTouch. I’ve played it on my 1st Gen iPhone, and I *believe* the hardware is the same, but someone correct me if i’m wrong on that one.

      I’ve been playing on my 1st gen iPhone just fine

    • Clive
    • December 11th, 2009

    What level sensitivity do you have your game set on in the demo video above? Whenever I play, I spend most of my time just trying to even get any TIEs on to the screen, regardless of whether I’m at the low or high sensitivity. As a result, killing 2 TIEs in a “easy” Mission game is a high score for me. Certainly I haven’t been able to stop scrolling movement on a dime as shown above, so I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong here… any advice?

    • Great question! First, the radar boxes are key. They’re smaller when the Tie’s are behind you and get bigger as you get them closer to being on screen in front of you. To stop your rotation, I typically jerk back to “zero” quickly ( I just watched myself to see what I do ). The flying is based on accellerometer readings, so if you get back to your zero point, it will stop rotating.

      Also, watch the squares on your screen – when you see ones that seem to go off to the right or left side of your screen, go after those. This means they’re probably close or at least easier to get around on.

      If you pull back to try and get a tie into view and you spend more than 2-3 seconds in that roll-back, push hard DOWN and dive the opposite direction to bring into view.

      Tie fighters have an angle that they look to see if the X-Wing is within that angle (say 30degrees at the lower levels). If the X-Wing is within that cone from the front of the TIe, it’ll target the X-Wing.

      Also, if you pull all the way back or push all the way forward, that’s considered and evasive menuever by the game engine and the Tie fighter’s shots won’t hit you. This is your chance to get out of trouble.

      And lastly, use SLOW MOTION when the tie’s get in front of you. I use this all the time on the higher levels. Just remember that if you destroy a tie while in slow motion, you get only half the points. So let go of slo mo just before firing your second shot.

      Let me know if that helps!


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