Try it on HARD or Jedi

We’re seeing comments from people who say Trench Run is too “easy” or “I finished it in 10 minutes”.

Please – go to settings, set it to something that’s a challenge like HARD or JEDI. THEN tell me it’s too easy. Trust me, it’s not, and it’s FAST.

If you beat it on Jedi, and still feel like it’s slow or too easy or you finished it too quickly, THEN i’ll take you seriously, but until then, RTFM – ever hear of settings? Use em’ 🙂

PS> we’re still waiting on v1.1 to be approved by apple. I swear, if they charged a $500 fee to expedite a review of a release, I’d pay it. This 3-4 week wait time is completely unreasonable.

[/rant]… for now

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