Star Wars Trench Run – FIXED for 2G/3G iPhones

For those of you who bought Trench Run and ran it on a 3G device, you might have had some of the problems I listed in the last post.  Essentially, it was a memory issue.

We’ve been up late working on fixing the issue, and we finally found some white elephants in the app to kill off that brought the memory not only under 4omb’s (which is ideal for an iphone app) but we brought it down into the low 3o’s.

It now runs VERY well on a not only a 3G iPhone, but now works JUST as well on a 2G (1st gen) iPhone!!  I installed and played it on my 1st gen iPhone tonight and it was very smooth.

We’re testing internally tonight, and we’ve asked some of the people who purchased the app but entered negative reviews because of the 3G performance to help us test the app.  We were able to reach out to a few people who made the purchase to help us out and let them know – we’re not here to steal anyone’s money, we’re here to make a kick ass Star Wars game 😉


And to make it up to all of you who will be waiting patiently for the 1.1 update in the app store, I’m going to reveal ONE of the easter egg ships (Darth Vader’s ship).

instructions>controls – touch where it says “toggle cockpit”  – play 😉

I know that can’t make up for being frustrated initially, but hopefully, you guys will give it another chance and enjoy flying as Darth 😉  The 1.1 update will be well worth the wait, I promise!

********* UPDATE  **********

This is feedback from one of the users on a 1st Gen iPhone (8gig) – he originally purchased and it was unplayable:

the difference is night and day. I made sure to NOT restart the phone and played with both music and sound enabled to get a sense of things. Not sure if there’s something specific you all are looking for, but barring that, here are my notes after 2 sessions totaling close to an hour of game play:

– opening video plays much smoother

– loading screens on the order of 5x faster (not scientific, but the difference is dramatic)

– very, very slight lag when tie fighters explode
– no lag during general flight or when firing and missing

trench levels:
– overall, very smooth
– controls more responsive, playback less jerky
– slight jerkiness returns when vader shows up (still very playable)
– videos when you fail/win are both smooth

– exiting to the home screen is cleaner (music doesn’t continue to play for several seconds anymore)

  1. Well, I just proved HOW good the Trench Run works on the 3G by, yet again, taking the #1 spot on the Dog Fight Arcade leaderboard by getting to level 25 😉 It’s working GREAT on the 3G \m/

  2. Looking forward to the update. I was initially quite annoyed but you guys seem to be on the case. Keep up the good work.

    • MC
    • November 21st, 2009

    Thanks for the great game and the Easter Egg!

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