Copy/Paste for Unity IDE

While at Unite2009, I had the opportunity to do 2 presentations on the Flash users day.  Both presentations went very well.  The response was great and the Unity people were fantastic – VERY genuine and completely cool people!

During one of my discussions, I was a little embarrassed to say I didn’t know how to retain properties that I was editing at runtime in the editor to objects I was rotating/moving etc.  I mentioned that there was likely some magic way of doing this, but I wasn’t aware of how, and that likely someone would show me after the talk.

Well, as it turns out Emil Johansen of the Unity team handed me an Editor script right after the talk was done!  The guy wrote it just as soon as I’d issued that statement in my talk, then proceeded to hand it to me while walking off the stage 🙂  EMIL – you get 4 rock on’s for that one!!

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

Get it here, love it there

And being a coder, he went on to perfect it and expand it for use with any component you might have in Unity.

And just to explain what it is I’m so happy about:  In Unity IDE, you can *run* your application and change the properties at runtime to debug/polish your settings.  But, there isn’t really a way built into Unity to say “save these settings”.  I wasn’t writing them down on paper though, I was taking snap shots with Jing and then typing them in 😉

Emil’s Editor scripts extend the Unity IDE to add copy/paste options so you can easily run, set and save.  LOVE YOU EMIL!

  1. There’s also an general solution. You can find it here:

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