Star Wars Trench Run iPhone Game – FINALLY

Well, its been a very VERY long time incoming, but it’s finally here – The Trench Run game!

This was something I’d story boarded some 6+yrs ago and thanks to some very good friends of mine (Chris Allen, Rebecca Smith Allen and Dominick Accattato) I was able to realize a goal that I’d set for myself along time ago.  Chris worked alot of hours for the past couple of years trying to sell the project and finally, it all just clicked.  So, I have to first say a big huge fat thankyou to he, Rebecca and Dominick for sticking their necks out for this project.   LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH!

The game is released through THQ Wireless inc. and was created by Infrared5 with me, Todd Anderson, Keith Peters, Andy Zupko, Rebecca Smith Allen, Chris Allen, Dominic Accattato, Paul Gregoire, Kasey Jordan, Lizzie Martin and Ben Throop.  It should be showing up in Apple’s app store shortly.  It covers the battle of Yavin from the first Star Wars movie  (IV), including a dog fight portion of the game.  We added arcade modes for both dog fighting and the trench run so you can see how many levels you can stand before getting blasted into oblivion!

I really spent alot of time on attention to details for this game.  Things like the music – you’ll note that the music in the DogFight scene IS the music from that scene in the movie.  Same for the trench sections.  The cockpit views are literally taken from the original 1977 movie.  All colors of the lasers, markings on ships, details are all as close to the movie as possible.

My goal for this game from day one was simple:  Speed.  I was always REALLY disappointed in the speed of other Trench Run games.  You’d get into the trench, expect to feel what you saw in the movie, and then it was pathetically slow.  So, from nearly 1993 when they came out with X-Wing, I think I was already plotting this game out 😉

I do hope the hardcore StarWars fans enjoy the game – it really was for them!  I know it’s an iPhone game on a small device, but I was seriously blown away with how much power it really has and what I was able to pull off with it.

The Trench

Dog Fight With Darth Vader

So, to wrap up, I’ve been silent on just about every social network app you can think of and haven’t blogged very much in the past 4 months – but it was all worth it.  I apologize for not putting much out here lately, but trust me when I say, I’ll be changing that with some insights, tricks/tips and stuff from this projects experience.  I’d dedicated myself to this project completely and I hope the final product reflects that dedication.

Now…what twitter app I using 4months ago… 😉

  1. Everyone that I know that has seen it, loves it. I am one who remembers the old arcade versions of Star Wars games, this would have blown our minds back then for as awesome as it is now. Excellent work everyone! Ewoks Rule!

  2. Triple Ewok seal of approval!

    • Bo Nielsen
    • October 23rd, 2009

    This looks awesome, but I’m having trouble finding it … is it up on the app store yet? I see no link in your post and a search for it didn’t turn anything up either. My son would absolutely love this…

    You know, watching the video made me think – what if the game had an anaglyph mode? I have no idea how that might affect speed and responsiveness of the game, but I can imagine the trench in 3D…

    That said – please accept my apologies – I hate it when someone works their *ss off for years, present a completely amazing piece of work only to have the first or second comment be about how much cooler it would be if so and so was different. I really didn’t want to be the one making a comment like that. I’m sorry. This looks completely amazing and I want to try it out.

    But – man – a pair of red/cyan glasses and that trench would blow anything away that I’ve ever seen for the iPhone…

    Please post a link to the app and congrats on the release!


  3. Wow John this looks amazing, congratulations on making your dream come true, and claps for everyone who worked on this, wish this was possible with flash !:)

  4. Congrats to you John and the rest of the Infrared5 team!

    Keep checking the store for it to be up and ready to purchase. 🙂

    Really looking forward to your future posts about this project or things/insights you might want to share that you learned from working on it. Especially interested to hear deeper thoughts about how you found working with Unity3D, etc. Enjoyed your session on it at Flash On Tap and look forward to hearing more.

    All the best!

    • Silvio
    • November 4th, 2009

    Any idea when we might see this on the app store? I’m really looking forward to this.

    • I was expecting last week, and it should be ANY day now 😉

        • Silvio
        • November 8th, 2009

        Yeah, typical hold-up due to Apple. Any chance we will see this on other platforms (e.g. Android, WinMobile)? I’m really starting to get annoyed with this iPhone and Apple…..

    • Ichsola
    • November 10th, 2009

    Bout time John , u always told me this was going to be a browser game like the time trials. Good job of finaly finishing it. Took ya time tho :p

    • Steve
    • November 11th, 2009

    I’ve been following this one on IGN since they first mentioned it, desperately waiting for the release. Great to find word from one of the developers, and even greater to see how much love has been put into this project.

    But uh-oh! IGN had a release date of ‘Nov 09’, but that’s now changed to ‘TBA’. Any idea if there has been some kind of delay?

    • yes, there is a reason 😉 I could go into the details, but suffice to say – we were bitten by the issue of one game developer abusing a private api. Trench Run was waiting for review, these guys did their crap, apple tightened the hatches and bam, Trench Run got caught in the “new” regulations. IN fact ALL unity built games did. IT’s because Unity uses these 2 calls for purely “good” reasons, but does it regardless. So, every Unity based title got rejected this week. Unity put out a fix, and we know of at least one game that’s made it through the review process successfully now.

      Trench Run has been resubmitted with the same fix, and we were told that it would be rushed through (24hrs), but we’ve been hearing that since day one, so I have my doubts. It’s already been 2 days ( albeit weekend days ). So we’ll see!

    • Silvio
    • November 16th, 2009

    Crazy….So this raises the question again: What other platforms will you be porting this to??? 😀 I’m really looking forward to that Xperia X2!!!

      • Silvio
      • November 16th, 2009

      …sorry, meant Xperia X3 with Android!

    • well, I can’t really comment on that, but I can tell you that you’re not the only one who’s asked and talked about it.

      But I do know that everyone involved is waiting to see the reaction to the game first. We did our homework on this one, and it was designed with the iPhone or “phone/device” gameplay in mind.

      We’ve seen other titles go out like Brothers in Arms that didn’t do so well on the iPhone/touch and I think the assessment was that it was too much. Too much time to play it, too much in terms of controls. It was a great achievement for sure, but I think the mentality on a device is “10-15 minutes, load the clip and spray”. In other words, easy in, easy out, lots of easy fun quickly, and then build from there if the game does well.

      So, we put alot of effort into making the game easy to get into, challenging, but quick to give rewards, visually stimulating and beat you down eventually if you choose to continue playing it. The game is primarily flying and xwing (or other ships). I put a ton of time into the flight controls because if you *like* flying the xwing, then the game will do just fine 😉

    • Silvio
    • November 17th, 2009

    Finally!!!! Downloading now!

  5. sexy do i download

  6. Star Wars is really cool game
    well designed and coded=great work 🙂

  7. Where can i get this game?

    • Nemo1024
    • September 13th, 2011

    The game disappeared from both the Norwegian and US stores? I’ve bought it previously and I want it back on my new iPhone!

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