Speaking at UNITE 2009 – Oct 27th

Well, UNITE 2009 will be the first conference I’m speaking at that’s not about flash – kinda crazy!

Unity has devoted an entire day (October 27th) for Flash 3D people who are interested in checking out Unity3D.  So, they’ve lined me, Paul Tondeur ( co-author of Papervision3D essentials book ) and Mauricio Longoni to speak/teach.

I’ll be covering Papervision3D > Unity3D topics in my first session (which is right after the opening session).  I’m really looking forward to this session because I think people will be blown away at how easy it really is to adopt Unity3D into their toolset of options for 3D on the web.  I’ll be covering alot of the foundational stuff like scripting, Unity IDE, GameObject vs DisplayObject3D, 3D modeling and texture considerations vs both technologies etc.

I’ll then have the last hour of the day to unveil the latest game we’ve been developing for THQ wireless inc. and Lucas Films ltd.  I’ll be walking you through a bit of an over view from what it was in Flash as a prototype, how it translated in Unity3D for the iPhone and finally – porting it from a Unity iPhone app to a Unity web app.  It was an unbelievably awesome experience using Unity for this project!

Hope to see you guys there – and hey, leave a comment here if you’re going to be at the conference

  1. Hey! I’ll be at Unite! Looking forward to your session as well. Its good to see some Flash/PPV3D guys going, and speaking! Nice.

  2. Hey John, sounds great, really wish I could be there 😦


    • Anthony
    • October 19th, 2009

    I wish too I could be there.
    Could you post a PDF of your notes ??
    It will be kind


  3. Looking forward to your presentation…
    just saw ur post on the Star Wars app – amazing work. get me even more fired up to jump into Unity..see you next week!

  1. October 28th, 2009

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