WE WON 36-12!!

Look I know you guys come here for Flash/Papervision/unity/3D/Music/StarWars stuff, but I’m adding football as a side note.

See, i’m head coach for my son’s team this year (it’s his first year) and I’ve been loving every single minute of it!!  Seriously, it suits me just fine, the kids respond well, and we’re a good team.

Well, we’d been loosing some games here, and we finally got the kinks ironed out on offense and defense!  This week, we played the Colts again, and just ruined them.   They’d beat us 2 weeks ago so, I was ready to take what should have been ours 2 weeks ago:  a win 😉

The score was 36-12, and Luke (my son) scored 3 of the touch down and caught a pass for 7yrds  –  That’s Right 5-6yr olds throwing passes – thats MY kind of offense 😉  And I swear to you, we had a parent jokingly tell me we’d never throw at this age.  Well, this is 2 games in a row, we’ve thrown and caught a pass 😉

Anyway, I do mean to gloat – its not very often and we worked our tails off in practice and it finally showed on the field.

And finally, this is a great picture of Luke 😉  3 guys, all over him, and he’s pullin’ em down field – LOVE IT!!

  1. This is so cool! Rock on! 😉


    • thanks man 😉 it really was one of the best memories as a dad for me. I don’t think i’ll forget that game

    • Ramiro Espada
    • October 24th, 2009

    Thanks for sharing! the shoot looks pretty cool!

  1. October 28th, 2009

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