Change to my Session at FOT

It was a year ago when i’d put up my description for my Session at Flash on Tap and I’d really intended just to follow through with that, but now that we’re getting much closer to the actual event, I think my topic is really not in sync with what I’v been working with in the past 6+ months.

So, I’m going to be covering the development crossovers between Papervision/actionscript3, to Unity3D/Javascript, to iPhone 3D gaming.  I’ll be showing the differences and similarities between Papervsion and Unity3D and talk about the caveats to iPhone 3D gaming with its abilities and limitations.  I’ll also being showing the Unity3D IDE,  features and workflow.

Stunt Bike iPhone game in Unity3D IDE

Stunt Bike running on iPhone

Many of the issues we deal with in Papervision3D are applicable to the iPhone 3D gaming development.  With Unity as a middle man for development, I think there’s plenty to talk about 😉

Hope to see many of you there!

    • markval
    • April 27th, 2009

    I hope that your session will be recorded as this precious experience is full of amazing subjects. If its possible that would be really informative to me.


  1. Unity looks great! Is it possible to create meshes on the fly with triangles like with Papervision? I’d like to mess around with some shapes, tween some vectors, morphing and stuff but Flash’s performance is not enough so i was thinking of trying out Unity3D. Otherwise i guess i should look towards processing.

  2. @Patrick Yes. Meshes can be both manipulated and generated from scratch from code with Unity.


  3. Pretty impressive use of Unity!! Cutting edge work, have you tried implementing the physics in 3D yet?

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