Ok, I mistaken about the Ratings/reviews – Thanks.

Thanks for clearing it up for me everyone!  I feel stoopid for not realizing the difference.  I’d never given just a rating personally, and what with all the bogus ratings problems apple had previously, well, I’m sure you can understand why I thought what I thought.

But now I’m up to date 😉

Now, to the person who suggested that I should write a better app for better ratings: Bite me.  Thanks.   (this person is likely the BIGGEST predictable marketing stooge in his age group.  I will refer to him as the “Koolaide fluff boy”).

I can handle getting bad reviews – for sure.  Trust me, I’ve had plenty of critism in my time.  But this application happens to be the most simple application available.  You either like it or you don’t – and as it so happens, the ratings that came through reflects exactly this.

So do I still have a beef?  Hell yes.

It’s simple – doing ratings when you uninstall just isn’t a fair time to ask for an assessment.   My opinion is that most of the people uninstalling the app are unhappy (or clearing space) and therefor, at that moment are more apt to give you a bad review.  So, I have 240 ratings, but over 3000 installations.  So am I to assume that I have 2760 satisfied 4-5 star customers?  Yeah, MAYBE, but my ratings on iTunes don’t reflect that happiness AND there is no JUST AS EASY way to rate an app as when you uninstall it.

I guess I should see if asking for a rating within the game is possible.  If it were possible, at least I could have a chance for positive ratings on my app.

Oh, and an update on the approval process:  14 days later, I get a rejection email saying I hadn’t done something to comply with their SDK when in fact, I had.  So I wrote back, complained and was told “thank you for explaining, please resubmit”.  Now I have to wait another 5-7 (or 14 days).  I think this is rediculous.

  1. have you considered porting your app to android? I’d be interested to hear how the experiences compare. Also since android has a lot less apps right now, the market is less crowded.

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