Flash Grden Says: Flash on Tap is going to ROCK \m/

It’s true, if you’ve been to a Flash conference in the last year or so, you havent’ seen me around.  While most close friends of mine know why, most flashers generally don’t.  It’s simple really – I have a family and traveling was hard on them, so I made some changes and now I travel ALOT less.

However! There are a few exceptions that I WILL travel for and one of them is Flash on Tap!

Ok, so you might think: “Yeah, that’s only because Keith, Andy, Chris, Dominick, Rebecca, Seb, Ralph, Grant, Phillip, Michelle and Moses are going to be there”.  Not true!  You forgot the 12th member of the 12 muskateers!  BEER.   It’s like the “one ring to rule them all” affect.  Someone was smart enough to put Flash and Beer together for a legitimate conference.  So I guess we should call this “The fellowship of the beer” really.   hmmm…well I guess “Flash on Tap” IS more marketable, keeps bosses away from the thought of people drinking on company time, while communicating its real intent in a “coded/play on words” sort of way.

And I quote Wyle E. Coyote “SHHHHHHHeeeeeeer  Genius!”  (in the episodes where he could think or speak of course)

[ insert Phillip Kerman YouTube video he hasn’t made yet that makes fun of Flash on Tap for its name and covert operation]

Now, ok it’s true, I AM going there to actually speak and teach – YAY!  I figure if I’m going to get out and do something, it’s gonna be big.  Andy and I are doing a full day’s workshop on Papervision3D goodness on Thursday May 28th!  We’re going to cover as much PV3D as we can in that full day and then some!  I figure I only do this every so often, so I’mma make this count.  If you got questions on PV3D or you want to learn, then get signed up ASAP.  As usual, the sign ups have gone quickly with the PV3D course, but there are 3 other courses to choose from so take a look!

I’m not sure what everyone else is presenting on in thier own 1hr time slots, but I know that Ralph ALWAYS blows people away – you won’t want to miss him!  Also, I’m sure Andy’s gonna have something to blow your mind, and if you haven’t met him in person yet, you need to get out to FOT – he’s a great guy!  I’m speaking on performance with Papervision3D – usually a fun topic, but I’m likely to add some special sauce to it but I can’t reveal JUST yet.

Now, I think FOT is going to be awesome in one other aspect and I think that’s “relaxation”.  Well, not total “boneless chicken ranch” relaxation, but I think if you wanted to go to a conference where you had access to all these flash developer’s and be able to hang and chat with them, THIS would be the one to go to for sure.  And when you see Keith Peters for the first time – don’t be thrown by his quiet demeanor.  He’s like a lawn mower – hard to get started, but once you do, watch out 🙂  He’s a riot and alot of fun to be around!  [ BAM ]

Seriously, in an economy where you *have* to make a good choice on which conference to attend, THIS is the one.  Great speaker lineup, great venue, hosted by some of my best friends and Beer.  If you don’t like beer, that’s ok, it’ll be entertaining none the less!!

  1. I did make videos of FOT:

    plus one that I won’t show… yet

  2. I stand corrected and I’ve updated the post!!

  3. Man, I wish I could make it. It’s going to be memorable!

  4. Phil, you had to steal money for MAX? So did everyone else!!

    • Eric
    • April 17th, 2009

    Hello John,

    I’m interested in your “AS2/AS3 Speed Comparison Demo”.
    At the moment in my project, I’m using Flex+PV3D to create about 1000 cubes(with 6000 faces displayed), but the fps is down to 2-3 fps. How did you make 8000 faces displayed at 20-30 fps?

    Thank you,


    • well, you can take my online course about optimizing papervision3D or you can try and make it to my class in May at Flash on Tap 😉 If it were an easy answer, I’d give it to you, but it’s never an easy answer when it comes to optimization and other people’s projects. If you’re interested in the online course, you can check it out at http://www.richmediainstitute.com – its on demand so you can take it any time you like. Hth

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