Flash and Muscians go hand in hand

When ever I talk to a Flasher at a conference, about 95% of them are muscians.  It’s such an oddity, that I went out and bought FlashDrummers.com and FlashMusicians.com in hopes of providing a place where flash and music/drumming could come together.  Well, I ran out of time and never did anything with those URL’s 🙂  And then there’s the “Flash 5 Experiment” band that’s played 2 conferences now that include a whole host of well know flash developers

But I HAVE done music based applications like the drumming tool and the virtual 3D guitar using Red5 and Papervision3D.  Well, to continue my efforts in marrying the 2 worlds I love so much (coding and music), I’ve put out an iPhone/iTouch app that’s kept my two kids in total competition for a week now!

Main Screen

Main Screen



It’s called “5 seconds” and you basically play your device with any 2 fingers you like to see how fast you are in 5 seconds.  This is the real deal – your Beats Per Second is matched against world class speeds and if you’re fast enough, you could even break into world record speeds (over 20bps is consider world record speed).

Anyway, I KNOW there’s a ton of flash drummers and musicians out there with ego’s and need an outlet to silence the posers – am I right?!  My best time is 18.2 so far and it took me a week to break 17.2bps – once you get over 16, it becomes exponentially harder to get faster!

Please post your times here and if you do a video on youtube, use the tag “5SecondsToGlory” so everyone can find it!  ROCK ON \m/

Results Screen

Results Screen

< 5bps : A Drummer, you are not.
< 10bps : Garage Band Drummer.
< 15bps : Drum Corp Material.
< 17.5bps : Elite.
< 20bps : World Class.
> 20bps : WORLD RECORD!

All other info can be found HERE!

    • Luke
    • February 13th, 2009

    John, it’s not Flashers, but programmers in general:


    • Wow, yeah that’s a great post – thanks for passing that along!

  1. Nice John! Looks fun. Makes me almost want to get an iPhone just for that.

  2. John, that number 5 seems to follow you where ever you go! my highscore so far 15.6.. but i average around 9 😉

  3. awesome Dom!! how are you playing it? like you’re texting or put it on the desk? 15 show’s you have real potential Dominick!!

    I started out in the 15’s but after about a week, I built up to 16 and 17 steadily. Finally, I nailed 18.2 and my average is 17.2

    So, it DOES get you to get control on a consistent speed over that set time which is great

  1. February 19th, 2009

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