iFly: From Flash to Unity3D to iPhone game!

iFly Launch Pad

iFly Launch Pad

Well, its finally out in the iTunes App Store as reported by Keith Peters!.  I’m pretty excited about how it turned out.  It runs at a solid 28-30fps on my 1st gen iPhone as well as my 3G iTouch.

The idea is simple enough:  fly through as many gray rectangles as you can and land on the landing pad (circle that looks like a man hole cover) before the time runs out.  If you do, you get 5000 extra points.  If you miss the man hole or don’t make it to the bottom, you don’t get the bonus points.  if you go through the red rectangles, you loose points and points are scored according to the size of the rectangle – the smaller they are, the more points you get.

The Crippler (3rd in the hard levels) rocks \m/  –  Chris had me beat with 8800 for a day, then I smoked him with 9600.  It’s a fun one where you basically dive bomb the entire way just to make it to the bottom in time!

The cool part about this that we pulled the same 3D model and code for creating the rectangles that we have on the infrared5 web site ( click “fly me”  to fly paper airplane ) right into Unity3D and with a few syntax tweaks, it was up and running!  Since Unity3D has strictly typed version of Javascript, it’s practically ActionScript3 with some slight differences that are a non-issue.  Most of the time was spent optimizing the game and getting the UI straightened out.  Unity’s GUI controls are ok and if you’re familiar with CSS, you’ll probably jump right in without too much problem.  Though in saying that, doing things like fades on 2D textures isn’t exactly as straight forward as it is with Flash.  But it IS doable.

Total time invested was approx 4 weeks.

flying around in The Abyss

flying around in "The Abyss"

Landing on the main hole cover

Landing on the main hole cover

  1. Great job looks like alot of fun. I need to shell out for the iphone pub license. Did you find that the iphone version of Unity3D was limited? How much was it able to handle? Polys, physics, etc. It is a powerful kit but i heard on the iPhone you have to scale back pretty heavily in textures, polys, physics etc.

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