Merry Christmas! ( and a little Unity Christmas card )

Merry Christmas from!

Merry Christmas from!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I figured since I’d just went and blasted everyone about Unity3D, I should put my money where my mouth is. Click on the image to see it in the unity web plugin (you’ll have to install it to see it 🙂

So, this isn’t Winterwonder land from last year, but for about an hours worth of effort, it was cake to get smoke, snow, 3D model (text, which is over 15,000 polys) and the entire scene together.  Like I was saying, it’s very attractive and easy for Flasher’s to get into!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, hope you guys have a great one with your families!


  1. I just want to poiint out how cool it is that I didn’t have to close firefox to install the plugin and as soon as it was installed the content started playing without refreshing.. well done.

    thanks for showing this stuff off John. I had seen some unity stuff but wasn’t sure it was for me. I think i’ll spend alot of time with it in 09.

    Merry Christmas =)

    • diamondtearz
    • December 26th, 2008

    That is beautiful!! I got into the Unity3D and have been meaning to jump back into it. They even extended my trial by an extra 30 days. Really nice of them.

  2. Mery Christmas 🙂

  3. Hi John, very nice Christmas scene! Here’s the one we did for our Unity 20% off sale 😉

  4. Ethan!! that freakin rocks! I love that you can shake the snow globe – very nice 🙂

  5. I’d originally started this with Papervision3D/Flash and it looked good, but it was only snow particles – no snow, no 3D text, no realtime lighting and it hit the processor around 80%+. This barely registered at 2-4% on my wife’s laptop.

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