Drum solo for the week

I re-organized my office so I could get my kit closer to my computer 🙂  So far so good – the samson mic’s sound VERY good consider the cost/grade.  I’ve been extremely happy with them and the Alesis MultiMix 16 USB console.

Well, after a completely frustrating day and not so hot week at work, I finally had had enough of the 3D animation I’ve been working on and just beat the tar out of my drums.

be warned, this has nothing to do with flash, and it’s a completely self-indulgent “drummers” type of solo playing.  I don’t wanna hear comments like:


“that cowbell sounds off…” – yes, that’s because I meant to play it as a rhythm on top of the main rhythm and “attempt” to keep it going through out ( 4 on top of tripplet feel I guess you could call it ).

“it sounds the same all the way through…”- it’s not, but its definitely more for the drummers in the audience 😉

it’s not the cleanest of solo’s, but I washed my hands beforehand – Enjoy 😉

Read on only if you like being bored by drum stuff…

For those enthusiasts who might wonder about the kit – its a 2006 Hawaiian Thunder Tama kit.  9 Ply shells – 8 are Bubinga wood from South Africa, the outer ply is Koa from Hawaii.  8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18×22, 14×6.5 Snare, 13″ hats (k top, z bottom zillgian), 20″ Sabian Ride, 8″ Sabian splash, 14″ K crash, 16″ Sabian Vault crash, Sabian china, DW 5000 pedals

it’s the best sounding kit I’ve heard or played on – unbelievable.

  1. Wow, sounds great and very smooth. And I’m sure you feel better for it.

    • sebstar55
    • October 25th, 2008

    Having stood 2 feet away from John’s kit for many hours, I can vouch that the set-up (like the player) is awesome. 🙂


    • Asai
    • October 25th, 2008

    Being a drummer myself I think in drum solos the music is always paramount but is often neglected by younger players, who always want to bang the shit out of their drums and impress the girls, but don’t really have a sense of the fact that drums are after all, musical instruments. So I appreciate the cowbell theme, which keeps the music consistent and enjoyable…


  2. That cowbell sounds a little off 😉


  4. right, that’s it, i have to get my Fender Jazz back from the pawnbrokers…

  5. Are you sure your first name isn’t Neil? 🙂


    – jim

  6. @Jim: LOVE YOU 😉 you’re way to kind

    • TK
    • October 27th, 2008

    I definitely prefer using the Firepod/Firestudio for recording, but that’s just my preference 🙂 Presonus makes amazing recording interfaces. What software are you using to mix? May I suggest SONAR?

    Oh, and crank that bass drum up a couple thousand notches 😉 Tubing all your mics will give you a much warmer sound, too.

    Sorry, I guess this is just my audiophile side coming out haha…

  7. That looks like my dream office – except you should play Zildjian instead of Sabian 😉

    • Except, then I would *suck* 😉 Just kidding!

      The crash on the right is a 14″ Zildjian, and my AWESOME hats are miss match of 13″ Zildjians (k on top, z on bottom – ROCKS)

      But nothing beats a Sabian Ride and the 16″ crash – those are just beautiful!

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