My Blog moved…now for the fun

Well, thanks to Andy (and yes, i told him I’d point my finger at him if this didn’t work) I updated yesterday to WordPress 2.6.2.  The upgrade “said” it went well, but in the end, the pages wouldn’t respond and restarting the server/mysql didn’t seem to help.

Soo, after a bit of thought and research, I decided to move it to wordpress like we have with Papervision3D’s blogs.  The nice thing is that WP gets updated automatically for me and I get the latest greatest stuff.  The downside is I lost my theme ;( and probably a fair amount of you may not realize the RSS feed has changed.

I apologize, but I actually think this is a better move for RockonFlash in the long run.  Plus, Luke Hubbard had so graciously given me free space for the last 3 yrs on his server and the Database was said to be “huge”.  So, I’m glad to not take advantage of him on that anymore – LUKE YOU ROCK \m/

[ update ]  The rss redirect is working so people shouldn’t notice a change 😉 but if you’ve lost the feed or know someone who wants it, please use the new one

[ another update ] Andy totally redeemed himself by trading in a perfectly good van for a moped to take us to Colorado.  Just kiddin 😉  He gave me a nice little PHP script to handle the site redirects 😉  yay Andy!

  1. Thanks John! Our blogs are all screwed. Mine got removed from google for having hidden spam links i didn’t know about. Hence the upgrade recommendation 🙂

    Now you just need your theme back and your blog will rock once more

  2. Probably too late, but I used to HATE updating my WP blog too until I found out how to update via SVN:

    From that moment onwards, piece of cake.

    And RSS working fine, no problem.



  3. I ‘heard’ about the blog move from my web clips in gmail, so I guess rss has done it’s job. I don’t feel like a web2.0 person…more like web1.5 to be honest 🙂
    I rarely see myself using more than 20% of what free web2.0 services can offer me.

    Too bad you had to loose your theme though…it was kinda cool, but harder to read than this default one to be honest.

  4. @George: yeah agreed, this one is easier to read 😉 I’m getting used to it!

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