I ROCK. GuitarHero3 that is ;)

Well, thanks to Hugh Elliot, I became addicted to yet another video game. I went up to Toronto to teach and as usual, had a KILLER steak dinner cooked by Hugh himself at his house. Well, I’d resisted GH for along time thinking “I can play all that stuff for real – why would I enjoy this?!”. Well, we sat down after dinner and went a few rounds with the likes of “Carry on wayward son” and I realized they’d married my 2 favorite loves TOGETHER in one happy package – a rockin video game. WHO KNEW?!??! well, many of you did, and I was clueless. What was funny about that night is that 1) I was told we could never play carry on wayward son again – I forced him to retry it till I got it right 2) I was told I would have to buy him a new guitar if I continued to beat on his like I was 🙂

I got home and went straight to Sam’s club and bought the game with 2 controller guitars so my daughter could play along (she’s 9).

She’s got the biggest backbone I swear – she nails a ton of songs on Medium (skipped easy of course – what’s the point there??), and without finishing medium, she skips to hard because she wants to use the 5th button. Dood, talk about proud papa – we were jammin to Cliffs of Dover and it was like the coolest dream a dad could have. It’s like one of her fav songs on there – dood that’s respect right there I tell ya. A sign I’m doin something right for sure.

Anyway, I’d made my way through medium, hard pretty easily. Did fairly well at Expert until “Cult of Personality” – oye vey. Yeah, I could do the entire song perfectly but that 3 part guitar solo just killed me for the longest time. I FINALLY nailed it and had my daughter take some snapshots of the event!

I got 4 stars because like I said, I could nearly play it note for note in all other parts of the song, and I saved all my star power for the solo section, which I think was part of the key to getting through it. But I suffered on points because I didn’t use any star power until then. I think another tip is – don’t try to do the pull-offs – just pick it like Vernon’s playin it and you’ll do alot better. What was really cool was that after a while that solo started to slow down for me and in reality, when I did clear it finally, I’d played it around 78% (just that solo section), which, if you haven’t seen what it looks like on expert, here are some pics – which really don’t do it justice, it’s a living nightmare on screen 😉

One thing that I appreciate so much about this game is – it’s brought focus back to being a “musician” and a certain glory and romance has come back to the guitar playing world. I see kids now in Walmart at GuitarHero or RockBand and they’re rockin out and really digging on the technicality of it all. I LOVE that. One of my biggest complaints about today’s music is that there’s no focus on the band members and their musician ship. You look back at nearly all the bands listed in GuitarHero and nearly all were from 70s/80s (hardly ANY from the 90’s). There’s a reason for that. That’s because bands had musicians that were as well known for their talent as the band was for what it produced. We used to vote on best guitarist, drummer, bassist, keyboardist and there was no doubt that the players nominated were literally the best in the world at what they did. That, for some reason, went by the way side and it’s a total shame. Now we’re stuck with singers – don’t get me started.

Anyway, I think we’re going to at least see some return because of GH. I think we’ll see more kids put serious work into their skill and talent on their instruments to be the best they can be – not just get buy with 3 fingers, power chords and no solo sections. Maybe new drummers will learn to focus on a single kick and be able to do doubles and tripples without being completely lazy and reliant on 2 kick pedals to achieve that. You may not like the music, but go have a listen to Iron Maiden and Heart – 2 drummers who used single kick drum kits and played blistering sections that would shatter the imagination. I could *easily* argue that there was no need for a double kick in any of their works – they covered it just fine with a single:) and, they made a name for themselves for being innovative and were widely regarded as 2 of the best in the business back then.

Nicko McBrain – Iron Maiden’s drummer. You can see that he used a single speed king pedal (remember those?) and has since moved to a DW Pedal.


And for those of you who just wanna hear him do it, here’s a video – yes, it’s a single pedal 😉

  1. ha! The fact that you emailed me that picture of your two new controllers against the drum kit the very next day is hilarious.

  2. Been playing Guitar Hero since the day the first one came out. I beat it on expert using the regular playstation 2 controller (I’m not sure if I should be proud of that), before I hunkered down and bought the guitars. The game keeps getting better with each iteration.


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