Papervision3D Training: Sept 14 this weekend!

I just posted the info on Papervision’s Blog – Hope to see you there!

  1. Budweiser could learn a thing or two from you Mr Grden.

    Look forward to joining up with you guys sometime in the future, Boston is a little bit of a trek for some of us though, South West England Hola!

    Brighton on the Beach is coming up soon and is not too far away geographically. If i keep mindlessly starring at the pint glass you may see me there if there are any tickets left!

    Safe journey and thx for all the shares, in advance!

    • Paulo Robson
    • September 18th, 2008

    John… im trying to contact you..i want to do the Papervision online course of September 27th, but i need to know the time zone of where you’re going to be because I´m from Brazil.
    Please, contact me you you read this.

  2. @Paulo – the class is listed as 10am PST (pacific standard time). I’m in texas (CST), and so it’s 12pm for me


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