Flash on Tap or Spinal Tap?

well, I guess that depends on the speakers you end up seeing 😉 Of course, the beer sampling and getting together with all that is Flash-goodness could make up for the “spinal” taps you endure.

I really can’t wait – I’ve missed quite a few conferences between … crap, when was the last one I went to ?! ohhh Right, FITC Amsterdam, how could I forget!? HA! well, it’s been a LONNNNNNG time between conferences and I’m REALLY looking forward to this one.

Speaking of spinal tap (the movie/band), you’re in for a treat with Keith Peters if he’s showing code samples 🙂 I’ll never forget “bang, hole, shoot” – he’s like the Nigel Tufnel of Flash with poetry woven in to the very fabric of his code and comments. You gotta be payin’ attention, he’s sly, but they’re in there 😉

I suppose if I grow my hair out again, he and I could do a Spinal Tap reunion spoof.

Anyway, I’m thinking about breaking out the guitar again on this one and doing a kind of interactive 3D rock experience 😉 couldn’t hurt!

Don’t tell anyone, but I got a $50 off discount code for FOT: FOSBEER


Hope you guys / gals can make it, this is going to be alot of fun 🙂

  1. Can’t wait to link up again!

  2. @ Tink: Neither can I!

  3. I’m hoping to make it too and hope to see both you rock stars. John, you may have seen this, but if not, well… you’ll get a kick out of it: http://ccinsider.comedycentral.com/cc_insider/2008/07/rush-plays-rock.html If the html link is shut off, it was Rush taking their shot at playing Tom Sawyer on RockBand backstage at the Stephen Colbert show 🙂

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