Text messaging – retarded.

Ok, it’s one thing to watch tweeners wet themselves over their new cell phones and their first text messages, it’s quite another thing to watch a teenager squeal with sophomoric tones that only a dog could hear, and it’s yet another level of “idiocy” to see some teen/twenty something texting while driving. I’ve nearly come unglued while watching a teenage girl with less driving hours than texting hours weave in and out of her lane as she frantically types with two thumbs and drives with her knee. Talk about a complete freakin idiot.

I had to endure an unforgettable day in high school – the day after a friend of mine died in a car crash the night before. The driver was changing the station on the radio, it was raining, and my friend wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The incident took less than 5 seconds, and bam, he was gone.

Now, a new experience in teenage retardation – text messaging in a movie theater. I’m sitting there watching probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen (Batman: Dark Knight) and right in the middle of some of the best scenes, here’s this brainless wonder 2 rows in front of me flipping open her phone and texting. Ok, one time, i can let it go. But 7-8 times?!?! She’s lucky I didn’t take her phone and chuck it across the theater. I nearly did. How brain dead do you have to be to text someone DURING A MOVIE?!? Is it that FREAKIN important that you communicate your adolescence wisdoms (Yes, thats dripping with sarcasm) right then and there?! First, it’s completely self absorbed that you’d think you weren’t bothering anyone. Don’t be that stupid – Please. All I can hope is, you don’t have the right to vote. You’d likely be the type to vote for the “popular” candidate – not wanting to waste your vote on a perceived looser. no, I’m not backing either candidate – I’m just making a point as to how mindless it seems our youth are today. It’s really pretty sad.

Anyway, if I find someone doing that again, I AM going to yell, complain, spill and probably assault their phone.


If you’re an avid “texter”, here’s how stupid you look:

    • Marc Hughes
    • August 23rd, 2008

    Maybe she was finding out who Obama’s running mate was 😉

  1. John, get with the times! There’s an interesting article on Wired that says the average middle school student sends 2000 texts a month! They’re simply substituting texting for IM. But yea, according to those numbers I’m not with the times either, as I send only 100/month. You’re right though, there’s nothing more annoying than a bright screen popping open in the darkness of a theater.

  2. amen

  3. I share your frustration too. A few days ago i had to wait at a line for more than half an hour to finally see that the person at front desk was texting her fingers off (on her cell) every two minutes or so … WTF ?

  4. This means your getting older my friend 😉

  5. I do remember someone saying: Older = wiser. I’m starting to see the wisdom in that statement 😉

  6. I smell an old person rant. No, I agree but it is good for quick communication w/ people you don’t want to be on the phone with for an hour.

  7. interesting 😉 how old do you think I am?

    Yeah, I text but only in a situation where I don’t want to bother a person, but I need (key word is *need*) to get a message to someone. professionally, it sucks to break in on someone’s day with a phone call – especially developers 😉

  8. By the way, I’m just back from watching Dark Knight, I bought the tickets for todays IMAX show 1 month ago, funny that was 1 day after you 🙂

    And well… it’s really a movie you can’t have ruined the way you had. If you have a IMAX around, go book your tickets asap.

    Man that hospital scene with joker walking out and trying to ignite the missing explosives. Just brilliant.

  9. John,

    I totally sympathize at the frustration you must have felt in that movie theater … and I don’t think it has anything to do with our ages. Rudeness is rudeness plain and simple … in some ways it is wished that you had taken the brainless wonder’s cell phone and chucked it across … kind reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George Constanza stands up to those obnoxious punks for making too much noise.

  10. I think you have the right to replace freakin with FUCKING in this instance, the little bitch has no social skills or consideration / awareness and should have her phone forcefully inserted into her arse. I haven’t seen Batman yet, but I’d rather watch 4 hours of the teletubbies than listen to the insolent tones of a texting teenie-bopper for and hour and a half. It’s situations like that when you wish Larry David was around 😉 Peace…

  11. my sister once racked up an 800 dollar phone bill in 2 months on texting overages. I figured out that she was sending 250+ text messages per day and she only had a 100 / month plan. I think sprint ended up working something out with them, but 250+ a day is totally ridiculous especially because it was mostly people she saw at school all day. Sadly im related to her =)

  12. Texting during a movie is just rude. Turn the dang phone off.

    Since we are on the topic I also hate it when people have a casual conversation during a movie, feel the need to be a commentator or narrator, pointing out things that just happened in the movie to the people around you, kicking the back of your chair your sitting in, having rank BO or bathing in cologne or perform (one dude who sat next to me, i could actually taste his cologne, it was like a thick mist).

    I’m starting to see why I mostly rent or buy movies now.

  13. John, what these people don’t realize is that they are slowly tethering their minds to these devices. They’ll be too afraid to act without worrying what their Twitter followers will think of them.

    I’ve always believed that the most inventive, innovative people in the Internet space don’t actually CONSUME the Internet like the masses do.

    I like to sit back, unattached to the digital tether of texting, and observe, looking for patterns…and what I see is the art of face-to-face, interpersonal communication taking a hit.

    • saul henvey
    • September 1st, 2008

    I sorry to hear that a friend of yours died John. My uncle got killed on his first holiday, he was hit by a train. 5 seconds and the world will never be the same. f kills d. About the texts, the curse of modernity.

    God bless.

    • ella
    • October 24th, 2008

    thats why i sit in the back row at the movies bc ppl dont leave me alone.
    and i never shut my phone off.

    btw its more like 2000 texts in a week rather than a month.

      • Kevin
      • January 17th, 2010

      And your the reason why you and your generation are hopelessly lost being utterly and completely psychologically entrapped to the technology… face to face communications, ya might want to try it some time. And go back to school to learn how to spell properly because all that texting lingo has made you into a fucking retard.

    • Billy
    • November 4th, 2008

    John, i totally agree with you. I hate texting so much. One time i was trying to play some bball with some friends and every time we try to play, someones phone goes off. The first time, i let it go. But then it was like 20 times!! its like my friend every time he put his phone down, ring u got a fricken message and all it says is nm u. To me, a phone is a device to call ppl in case of an emergency but now companys make all these stupid plans that seem good until you get your phone bill every month. Then ppl are getting all these expensive 300 dollar phones. I wouldnt waste my money on a stupid phone

    • Duane
    • August 26th, 2009

    I don’t exactly have any disapproval for this post. But there probably are some people who resent the “retarded” remark. Please be careful, friend.

    I do not even own a cell phone. I would lose the car and a ton of other technologies if life allowed it. I would not however lose my workstation. . . My computer monitor is a 47 inch lcd. Papervision3d is awesome.

    We’ll. I once worked for the board of MR/DD(mental retardation/developmentally disabled), but not anymore.

    True Story time!! I had a client who was disfigured permanently, also had brain damage – both resulted from a car accident he had as a late teenager. One day I was driving with this client, and someone was driving erratically on the road. I said something about the driver “being retarded” – and seconds later realized my client was offended by the comment. [homer]D’oh![/homer]

    For a second I felt bad for offending my client. But even tho the guy(my client) was MR/DD he was a jerk. I mean like intentionally, often. He’d ask you to “go fetch” and if you didn’t he’d start cussing at you – before getting it himself. Stuff like that. Just because someone is handicapped doesn’t mean they automatically have any intention of being pleasant. But we still gotta be careful.

    • jaswrites
    • December 16th, 2010

    I feel pride in being a school student of the United States who does not own a phone and is not addicted to text messaging. Why not to greater and better things in life, such as study hard and become an innovator? Or gain more knowledge?

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