microsoft: Did they have a hand in it? I’ll say…probably.

I was just heading over to Hank’s article on the situation with EcmaScript 4.0. The short of it is: it’s been drop kicked for good, leaving Adobe with decisions to make. As you read, Adobe had put alot into being standards compliant with AS3 and for obvious good reasons. The speculation is, however, that microsoft has had something to do with it’s death. As I read through Hank’s observations, I have to say, it seems pretty obvious, but I’m sure there are other factors. When you consider Silverfish (microsoft’s attempt at being a flash competitor), this makes almost too much sense.

One of the replies to the post suggested that Adobe seriously consider adopting haXe. I have to say, I see some real reason behind that at this point. Its already open source and has a great community behind it.

What’s interesting to note is that, when Nicolas emailed the open source flash list and introduced the concept of haXe (over updating MTASC to be AS3 compatible – thus creating his own language), I *got* the concept and even understood his reasoning, but didn’t necessarily feel like this would happen like it did (ie: es4 being tossed out). I literally thought it was a standard, but apparently, I wasn’t paying attention. Looks like Nicolas was a bit of a visionary I’d say, and now we’re actually living out what he suggested could happen.

And dood, that’s some serious apples right there – write your own language?? are you kidding me? And there’s only 2 people I’ve ever told on this blog who have big apples 🙂

Anyway, some interesting developments for sure are coming down the road – it’ll be very interesting to see what pans out. Personally, I’d love to see haXe adopted and basically hand microsoft their ass later on. Who am I kidding anyway, WHATEVER Adobe does to call microsoft’s move, I think i’ll be right there to support em’.

What’s even funnier is: it seems that both microsoft AND apple have it in for Adobe and Flash – what the hell gives with Apple and iPhone/iTouch not supporting Flash? The funny part is that Job’s used to be the leader of an underdog with ideals that matched his gear, and now he’s showing signs (and getting reactions btw) of the company he sought to dethrone (yes, that would be microsoft). Remember this ad? He might soon find himself as “the man behind the glasses”

PS> if you’ve been emailing me or im’ing me, and I haven’t replied, it’s because I finally contracted pneumonia – Dr says “you have a touch of it” – whatever that means. I feel like crap. But this got me mad enough to sit up in bed and say something

  1. Dang dude, I hope you get better soon! My family and I will pray for your quick recovery!

    Yeah, it seems to me that there is some political maneuvering going on between Microsoft and Apple.

    In reality, web apps are the future and MS and Apple don’t have much stake in it right now. It would be backwards for MS to base their success on another companies product so they need to play dirty get in a bed with a few people to get what they want.

  2. Ditto… take care of the important stuff and get your body back to normal. The silliness will pass, but your health is more important.


  3. Thanks Erik/John, I appreciate your comments very much 🙂

    • whizzle
    • August 16th, 2008


    I’m sad to see it go: no more namespaces, packages, and interfaces are “reduntant abstractions.” You got to be f* kidding me!!!! I don’t know what standard Java is built on, but I see AS 3.0 and Java as very similar. If adobe abandons ECMA 4 I hope they go in that direction. wow……

    • TK
    • August 22nd, 2008

    Till now I haven’t really glanced at haXe, but looking at it, I have to say that it’s interesting to say the least.

    Do you think that Adobe is going to still push their own version of ECMA4 with all of the suggested features?

    – TK

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