Flash on Tap conference

You know, i’ve been to quite a few Flash conferences ( not as many as Grant or Keith however ), and I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to put on a conference – what would I do with it? How would it be different and, for love of God – why another one?!

I mean really, do we need another conference? People already have a pretty big selection and usually can only swing one or maybe two with their company to pay for, so it’s really a task to pick very best ones! There are 4 one day workshops, and Andy Zupko and I are teaching Papervision3D at one of them. Andy will be teaching Effects/layers and I’ll be teaching optimization techniques.

Ok yeah, FOT is put on by IR5 along with the guys at influxis (we love you guys!!), so it’s natural I’d show up for this one conference. BUT, what’s unique is that this is a conference BY Flashers FOR Flashers. I have a feeling we’ll see some inspired work for sure, given the atmosphere is zero pressure and it mixes beer tasting from local brewery’s. It’ll probably be one giant “sit back and relax with some flashin’ and friends” party.

Anyway, this one you won’t want to miss – it’ll likely be a one time wonder where everyone had a mindblowingly good time, and nothing like it will ever occur on the face of the planet like it again – ever.


  1. Just had to update that definition on the Wikipedia!

    Before: A person who creates computer animations using Adobe Flash
    Now: A person who creates works using Adobe Flash

    You guys have fun at Flash on Tap. I’ll be attending a similar conference at the very same time, although i think it’s only about beers and in my local pub : D

  2. The For * by * conference phenom is game changing IMO. FOT, 360|Flex, FOTB are truly disrupting the established Conference space. Have fun!

  3. Just received an e-mail that FOT is re-scheduled…is that so??

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