American Idol – the mix SUCKS

Ok, I’m a fan, I admit it. I was born and raised in SoCal and at a time was trying to make it in music in LA/OrangeCo – so there’s a soft spot for musicians/singers and we love watching the show.

The thing that pisses me off is the mix – the past 2 weeks have completely SUCKED – all you hear is the vocals and hardly any band. Am I missing something?? Does everyone else hear this same crappy mix? I used to do live sound and alot of studio work in the early 90’s and I tend to know something about this subject. I just want to see if anyone else is screaming at their TV. David Cook is rockin out with a Les Paul and a set of EVH’s behind him AND I CAN’T HEAR IT – that’s a crime in the state of RockOn.

  1. I’ve got a 7.1 system and HD feed, and I spent awhile last night assuming it was my system settings (nothing worked), so you are not alone.

  2. Yeah ok good, cause I did the same exact thing – thoubht I had it on some unsupported audio selection etc – nothing made it better. Plus, when they played other sections of music with the band that had nothing to do with the singers, you could hear the band. What a way to totally hose the contestants, am I right???

  3. Indeed…I just watched last nights performance (DVR) and was saying the same thing. It really hurt David Cooks first piece–it looked like he was pissed from the start.

  4. I actually went out on AI’s site to post about it on the forums and well, there’s been one thread since week2 about it. One other thread thought it was “just the east coast mix” – LOL as if.

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