Physics engine for 3D in Flash – WOW

No, it’s literally called “WOW” and that’s about what you find yourself saying when you see the demos for the first time!

Here’s the technical “what is it?” answer:
WOW-Engine is a free AS3 open source physics engine written by Seraf ( Jérôme Birembaut ) capable to handle positions in a 3D environment.

There are several demo’s and downloads at the site and demo’s as well as sample apps to help you get started with the engine.

This is one of my favorites on the demo’s: Cloth over 2 sphere’s (can you guess what the picture is??)

Anyway, BIG congrats to the WOW team on getting this out, it really looks outstanding!!

I’ll be covering using WOW with Papervision3D at the San Francisco classes Feb 2nd and 3rd

    • fredo
    • January 23rd, 2008

    is it a cat on a womans arse?

  1. I think it’s a cat tucked into a woman’s shirt…

  2. impressive, will you be covering it at the FITC Amsterdam workshop as well John?

  3. hehe just try “firefox logo” in google image

    • storm
    • January 23rd, 2008
  4. Why the not-so-smart name I wonder? It’ll be so hard to google it with World Of Warcraft around…

  5. @Peter: If it goes over well at SF classes, I’ll definitely cover it in Amsterdam 😉

  6. @Michael: Yeah great point. I like the name because of the impact it brings ( IE: the “wow” factor ), but you’re right – it’s gonna get buried in google for sure.

  7. not if you type “wow engine”, i’m first 😀

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