Pixel3D’s conforming to 3D models \m/

Andy’s just added a class that allows someone to create 3D Pixels that adopt the shape of a 3D model – this rocks. There’s also a argument in there for subdivision’s of faces so that even if your model is very simple, you can cover it with quite a bit more pixels.

For more info, check out Andy’s post

  1. Cool, but why does it always have to be something from Star Wars??? What’s wrong with you people?

    (LOVE YOU!)


  2. HA well THIS time, I had NOTHING to do with the choice to do it with an Xwing – it just happened to be an obviously great choice though 😉


  3. I tried doing it on an airplane first but coudlnt’ get 3DS to open any of the models i got from 3d warehouse. Sooo, i got stuck with the x-wing 🙂

  4. You can be honest, the Xwing just looked freakin awesome with the Pixels…you couldn’t look away 😉

  5. I liked it, if that helps at all.

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