Minimal Components: Keith Peters style

I was just putting together a custom UI to record some animation stuff I’m doing on a “winter wonder land” project I meant to have ready for Christmas, but of course, I got anal and well…I’m late…as usual.

But be that as it may, I was just sitting there last night struggling on what I should do with the tool I needed to create. I’m using Flash IDE because I’m creating many MovieClips for materials used on 3D objects, but all the code is being done in FB3. So, when I add a “button”, of course, I have to turn of the “auto keep imports clean” feature (which I think rocks) and use import fl.controls.Button because I’m compiling with Flash IDE.

Yeah, I know we could argue about using the component kit for flex, but so far, I’ve had mixed results with using that. Plus, there’s alot of work done with layers and building out the movieclips…just makes more sense to stay in the flash IDE for now

anyway, then I read about Keith’s minimal component set – it couldn’t have been timed better. There’s probably other packages out there etc that I could use, but I like the way Keith usually thinks and does things 😉

The one little feature I like is how he added the ability to send a reference to the click or change handler in the constructor as well as x/y position and parent container. If you’ve already done alot of as3, you’re all too familiar with creating the component, then addEventListener until your fingers fall off. It’s just a nice convenience for the small one-off’s you’ve got going for sure.

    • kp
    • January 8th, 2008


  1. don’t hate me because I’m beautiful 🙂

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