NYC Papervision class slides and demo files

I’ve had quite a few requests offline about seeing the slides used and the sample files from the class, so here they are. The slides are meant to be informative at times, and then just a intro to a much bigger demo that we do together in class, so I’m not sure they’ll be much of a help, but here you go πŸ˜‰
NYC Class slides

I’ve also posted the demo files I used at the NYC class and it includes the 3D assets as well as the flex2/3 project files and simple FLA examples. The version of PV3D that’s included in the “classes” folder is 2.0, but not the same revision that’s on google code right now. You should point to the GreatWhite code base when running these demos. They should still work as-is.
NYC Class files

    • Eugen
    • December 15th, 2007

    why the swf files are not work properly(right)?
    maybe u know?
    wich fplayer u use?


  1. The FLA’s are all Flash 9 CS3 Files and are pointed to use the classes folder included with the zip. They work right out of the box so to speak. They should anyway πŸ™‚

    • Eugen
    • December 17th, 2007

    I’m use the Flash CS3, and the classes are in the same folder with .fla, but i got the swf with white screen…

    • Rob
    • December 17th, 2007

    Hi John, I finally got my employer to pay for your training (lots of red tape, you know) session.


  2. Thnx alot for sharing John, was looking for them πŸ™‚
    Keep on the great work! i learn alot from you! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi,

    I was looking for how to reassign an object’s material at runtime, but found nothing. Please help if u can!


  4. hi john, i saw you on the fitc workshop and it was wonderfull to see you at work, now when i’m finnaly doing my internship here at boulevart it comes in handy because i’m making a papervision presentation tool.

    i only have 1 big problem with the pv3d great white, if you put 2 planes behind each other (apart 1px in depth) and you turn them the triangles from both planes interfere with eachother so it looks very crappy if they turn.

    any idea how to solve this problem ? ( i did a try in pv3d 1.5 and there it works just fine )

  5. @Andy: it sould have actually *not* worked in 1.5 – it’s a sorting issue. The issue is: 2 triangles who’s size exceeds the distance between them will have, at certain angles, sorting problems.

    We’re coming out with something that helps with scenes with lower poly counts (bigger triangles) and sorting, but it’s in alpha. Should be out fairly soon.

    Until then, what you can do is add segments to your planes when you create them. So, set segmentsWidth/height to a higher number in your constructor. Just bump it up by 1 on each and check. You don’t want to add any more triangles than you need to. Also, I’m assuming you’re doing this because you want one picture on one side, and another picture on the other side of the plane – is that about tright?

    You should check the mail archives for a double composite material that someone just posted. It basically makes a material that takes 2 materials and applies them to the front and back of a plane.

    • Jerry
    • May 25th, 2008

    ei John im just getting started with pv3d great white effect and
    im having a problem with the depth.
    I just want know how to change it, because when the movie starts the depth of both planes that i just created start chanching everytime.
    how do i could solve the problem? thkx

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