Oddly enough, 2D is the immediate future for 3D

Yeah it sounds weird, but anyone who’s used any of the 3D engines these days has probably found themselves thinking “how can I add a filter to that??”. I’m talking about Flash runtime filters like Glow, Blur and dropshadow. IMHO, it’s the next major step in Flash 3D.

Once you get 3D to a very easy and usable state (done), and once you’ve established interactivity with those 3D elements (done), the next logical step is in the visual direction. We’ve finally come full-circle to our 2D roots in flash and there’s a BIG need to make it easy to implement (getting close to done)

Andy’s been working on this for Papervision3D over the last month and we’re going to make the classes he’s creating for 2D effects available to the students of the Dec 1/2 classes in NYC and do some training on them on the second day. The API he’s developed makes it extremely easy to add seriously complex effects to your 3D objects. This is going to be the next HUGE step with Papervision work in the coming year πŸ™‚

And just as I’m trying to finish up this blog entry, Andy’s adding Grant’s fire effects to his 2D library πŸ˜‰ THAT’s how flexible his API is – VERY VERY cool. Make sure you click on the scene to see different layer effects. The one that looks like heat waves is simply awesome \m/

PS> the classes are filling up very quickly (we just had 10 sign ups over the weekend, we're just over 40 now), so if you're interested, better book it now

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