Getting external Midi devices recognized by Red5/java applications on Mac OSX

Well, I went to fire up the guitar on my mac for the first time with Red5 and my Roland GI-20. Much to my dismay, none of my external Midi devices were recognized by Red5 which is a java application. I had the latest drivers, I rebooted, reinstalled, howled at the moon, stood in the farthest east corner of my office on one leg and yelled “I’m a useful engine I am!” and still nothing.

Then, Joachim Bauch, who happens to be a core/leading developer on Red5 and a REALLY good friend, found the answer in his first google search (I’d been searching all night of course).

“As of Mac OS X version 10.4.8 Apple do no longer support the java package ( so bugus, I can’t believe that ), which on previous OS X versions allowed java applications to easily access the CoreMIDI system. mmj steps into that hole by providing a universal binary JNI wrapper to CoreMIDI, that is deployable across system versions and processor architectures. If you need to work with Midi from java on both PowerPC and Intel Macs with all Java runtimes >= 1.4, this is what you need. mmj supports most of the original CoreMIDI functionality. All external hardware and internal software MIDI devices – a.o. IAC Bus, virtual endpoints provided by other applications and Apple’s Network MIDI – will be available to the application.”

Get the files here and installation is as easy as copying the 2 files into /Library/Java/Extensions and restarting Red5 or your Java application of choice.

After that, my midi guitar demo lit right up!

    • boul
    • January 7th, 2009

    thanks a lot for this trick !
    I guess you saved my hours of google searches and moon howling !!

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