Andy Zupko’s 3D/2D effects – essential to future flash design

Moving forward with Flash and this new 3D stuff, I could see there were a few of things that would need to be ironed out as fundamental to adding 3D to our already rich 2D lives in Flash:

1. Interactivity
2. Lighting/shading/bumpmap etc
3. 2D effects

These are really the next step after creating a great foundation to build on in a 3D engine like Papervision3D. Andy Zupko has done a couple of experiments lately with #3 and my personal favorite is the music demo – which he calls the “sound experimentation”. Very simple but elegant use of Line3D and Papervision3D to create a visual effect based on sound.

The second experiment involved BitmapData object and drawing his 3D scene with a post render process to add an effect to a spinning comet

He’s released the source for the comet and it’s a great example for doing this sort of effect. I would LOVE to see him flush out this technique. Seems like there’s got to be a way to make this easily accessible and usable. His code is very straight forward and easily understood, but I would love to see it brought to a level of amature coder or dare I say… designer level 😉

Andy’s fairly sick – the guy knows his 3D and is one of the latest members added to the Papervision3D team.

    • steve
    • October 15th, 2007

    Linkee no workee! 😦

  1. which one? I just tested them, and I was able to get to both samples, and Andy’s site

    • steve
    • October 16th, 2007

    Worked at home. 🙂 Must have been the firewall at work.

  2. True Phong Shading.

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