Mac Book Pro is finally here! Thank you


I was finally able to get my Mac Book Pro last Wednesday and I was in such a rush to get it up and running AND prepare for the Toronto PV3D classes, that I had to wait until now to post about it!


In 1.5 days I was completely switched over to the mac and up and running with VMWare. I’m about 90% on the mac at this point, but still use XP for 3D studio max and FTP (ok the ftp is just because I’m lazy and I have all of my favorites that I brought over). FlexBuilder 3 rocks on this thing, and I’ve been able to get SVN/Perforce working just fine – which was going to be a huge deal if I couldn’t get that working properly.

I went ahead and grew a backbone and brought it on the trip to Toronto for the PV3D classes and left my dell at home šŸ™‚ that was a bit nervy but it worked out great and I never even realized I was on the mac. WiiFlash server worked fine, 3D Studio Max lit right up and other than those 2 apps, I was fulltime on the mac side of things for the classes.

Anyway, it’s still a mind blow how many people pitched in and helped out – really very humbling and completely cool experience to say the very least. I can’t really thank everyone enough!



  1. Thanks.

  2. Nice, and well deserved. Did you choose the glossy screen John? I’m curious as I have yet to decide which screen to get.

  3. Glad to hear the Mac is working out for you. I popped my head in the back of the class on Sunday afternoon to see how things were going. Looked pretty awesome. Wish I could have attended myself but I think people would have been disappointed if I missed my own wedding.

  4. @peter – yes, I compared the 2, and I love the clarity and brightness of the glossy. The other one reflected too much light. I could see white diffused light over the screen constantly. I dont know how people do that screen.

    @Rick – congrats man!! yes, Shawn had said as much, but I’m glad you chose your wedding. Makes it easier on the relationship I imagine šŸ™‚

    • Jarrad
    • September 20th, 2007

    get texmate and flex working, its teh sehx!!

  5. John

    I’ve been trying to get WiiFlash to work with VMWare on my MacBook and haven’t had a bit of luck. Did you do anything special? Mine crashes soon as I try to run the server šŸ˜¦

  6. @DrMikey: yeah, I had to make sure I had .Net3 installed. at the time, I just had .Net2, and the wii server would just crash immediately. Updating to .Net3 resolved the issue and it works. Now, it only works on the PC side though šŸ˜‰

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