John’s getting a new Mac Book pro – thanks to the Flash community!!

MBP - 15
HUGE thank you’s to EVERYONE who gave and rallied to help out! $3162.41 was donated by the Flash community in total!!

I have to say, it’s been amazing to see all the people rally around this – I didn’t think it would happen this fast if at all! Incredibly humbling experience that I’ll never forget. I don’t think I could thank everyone enough or properly for this support – it’s just unbelievable!

One of the coolest things I didn’t anticipate was OTHER OS projects donating!! MAN that rocks \m/ – what a cool feeling to see that happen

And finally, Ted Patrick coming along with the final push – LOVE YOU! That’s truly a blessing and so cool to see Adobe jump in like that – again I was blown away.

So, thank you everyone, I’m already working on getting the mac and I’ll be posting a video of it’s unveiling! Please, if you find me at a conference/workshop, come on up and say hi to your mac 😉


This clearly is deserving of a 5 rock on rating:

RockOn Rating:   RockOn voteRockOn voteRockOn voteRockOn voteRockOn vote

Here’s the list of people/companies that donated again – if you have a moment, I encourage you to click on their links and check out their work. Some of the most brilliant minds and talents pitched in and I can’t thank them enough!

* = $50 or more
** = $100 or more
*** = $500
– thanks VERY much guys!

  1. Awesome dude! I think this is why I love the Flex/flash community so much. Enjoy your new beast man!

  2. I know the Mac’s gotta be fast, but ANYTHING has to be faster than the box i’m on right now 😉 I CAN’T WAIT

    Dominick’s right, I’m always at the bottom of the PV3D speed tests 😉

    • john
    • August 31st, 2007

    Awesome! Welcome to the Mac community.

  3. congrats 🙂 its well deserved, cant wait to get the osx papervision component *drools*

  4. HAHA Yay! The current 1.5 component is mac ready btw 😉

    I do have an update to 1.7 coming, but at least now I’l be able to test it on the mac!!

    • Jarrad Hope
    • September 2nd, 2007

    it is? ive been trying to use 1.5.1 but maybe its the way im generating my Collada files on mac,
    ive tried via blender and Silo>Obj>DAE via Autodesk’s FBX convertor but well i always get the error i emailed to you, even with the xwing sample files

    I get paid on thursday so I would be very happy to pay you for a working solution to generating content and getting it working on a mac,
    without maya 😛

  5. hmm, well I admit that I tested on 1.5 and it worked, but not 1.5.1 – however, none of the mac specific code was touched.

    ahh, but I just found your email from Aug24th – that error isn’t the component. I probably has to do with your collada file. I don’t have Silo, but I’m pretty sure Blender people have been able to generate collada files successfully, maybe you could post to the list to ask what the particulars are?

    Also, make sure you’re triangulating your export – there should be an export option to make sure it’s exporting triangle information.

  6. congrats john. don’t forget to get parallels on that bad boy. it’ll change your life. well it won’t be that drastic, but it’s definitely a lovely thing to have both platforms on one system at the same time.

  7. I haven’t checked the site in a while or I would have helped you out man. I just got one of these badboys. First thing I did was put Boot Camp on it and install XP on half the drive. It’s like having 2 machines in one. Quite choice! Enjoy it!

  8. John thats awesome news
    I wish I had have known I would have been there too
    so I’ll pay respect to those I know who helped

    * Robert M. Hall II
    * * Dominick and Chris at Infrared5
    * Keith Peters
    * Oscar Trelles
    * * Sam Agesilas!
    * * Dominik Willers
    * Mario Klingemann!
    * Richard Mason
    * * CARLOS ULLOA – Papervision3D
    * * Matthew Fabb
    * * – Guy Watson
    * *** Ted Patrick – Adobe

    all i got is some fried rice and some beef stock
    and a toronto cd holder

    congrats on your new appleness


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