3D Avatar / Interactive Chat Room Demo

I just happened to get a glimpse of a VERY cool project going on over at http://interactive.dubitlimited.com – these guys specialize in sites like this for kids and this DEFINITELY rocks!


I’d been waiting to see someone do this with Papervision3D since my days at Zing.com so long ago. We’d been faking 3D environments with 2D and wayyyyyyyy back then I was dreaming of the day we’d have 3D ability to do something like this – IT’S HERE!

If you click the flash scene, it’ll add a new avatar. To walk, just use your arrow keys and it’ll control the first avatar added to the scene. Incredible looking room and I love how the camera tilts to follow your character – such a rich experience! If you see black squares on the avatars, thats because the asset hasn’t been loaded yet. There’s no preloading yet.

I’m getting around 12fps and it seems to remain steady as I add avatars, but my computer sucks.
Please post your FPS and System specs and # of avatars if you give it a go!

The old way - Zing.com in it's hay day
This is what zing.com used to work and look like back in 2002:

[ change the FRONT property to 250 and click and drag the girl by her feet ]

This was my testing template for new rooms and determining proper settings for back/front etc. As you can see, today’s dubit version is about 1000x’s improvement šŸ˜‰

Nice work guys!

  1. That does look quite awesome. I was getting about 30fps and it very slowly decreased until I got to about 10fps with 100 avatars on screen.

    I’m so looking forward to seeing more of this type of stuff.

    • Laurent
    • August 21st, 2007

    Nice work ! Love the axes on show rooms, so kidding šŸ™‚
    the fps on my Intel core duo 1,8Ghz:
    30 avatars: 26-28
    50 avatars: 16-20

    • Laurent
    • August 21st, 2007

    I did it again and get more fps, like to 100 avatars 26-28, and 16 fps for 150 avatars.

  2. with 1-50 avatars it was about 30fps, with 100 avatars it decrease to 25pfs

    • lpmaurice
    • August 21st, 2007

    24 fps with 25 avatars, mobile core 2 duo @ 2 gigs w/ 2 gigs ram.

    I kept seeing black rectangles poping up in front of avatars though… I’m looking at this w/ Flash player 9,0,47,0

  3. Yeah the black boxes are non-existant bitmaps that haven’t loaded yet for that angle I’m guessing. Once they’ve loaded one time, you don’t see the black box for that angle of the avatar

  4. Intel 3.0 GHz/1 GB RAM

    25 avatars – 23 FPS

    40 avatars – 22 FPS

    50 avatars – 22 FPS

    • Niclas
    • August 21st, 2007

    Very nice – the avatars are rendered 2D, right?

  5. Tell me if I’m getting this right… the room is Papervision but the characters are prerendered bitmaps (png sequences) that are loaded onto a plane?

    I was kinda hoping for fully 3D characters… but understand why this wouldn’t be such a good idea for highly populated rooms.

    The room does look very cool though.

  6. Yeah! I can remember zing.com ,it was really amazing. This 3D example seems to be good , but I was waiting to see fully 3D characters too,hehehehe (I must remember it’s flash not Director). Thanks for share this url.

  7. Yeah, while youre recalling old attempts at 3d chatrooms i might as well mention the 3 chatrooms I made back in 2002. I made 3 3d chatrooms that placed prerendered 3d avatars in 3d space and allowed you to navigate the 3d space from different camera angles.
    The fms chatroom isnt working at the moment, but you can see screenshots on my 2002 site:
    and if i get back up and running you would go to:

    The main difference from what you have now is that you do the prerendering after you load the model instead of in 3d modelling software.
    Now that you have BitmapData, the abiltiy to dynamically draw the different angles of your 3d model onto a bitmap makes it a lot more convenient to do everything on the fly.
    Nice work.


  8. Very nice demo!

    Some results from a very old PC, AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (about 4 yrs old)
    22-25 fps with 5 avatars.
    11-13 fps with 50 avatars.

  9. 600 avatars – 15 fps šŸ˜› Looks super nice!!

    • Hilly
    • October 8th, 2007

    How do u sign up? it looks like fun

    • shehad
    • October 19th, 2007

    please get back zing i love it!

    • BiLLiE
    • October 29th, 2007


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