Is there a cult next door?

Man, I feel bad – Here’s Rob Rusher ( doing this GREAT presentation on Cairngorm and we’re in the next room having a rock concert.

This is during the harmonic solo when we got people clapping along:) Rob handles it like a total pro and pretty well keeps going right on with his presentation and makes a few choice comments. We had no idea it was that loud – SORRY Rob! I’m pretty sure he hates me by now ;(

  1. I can’t believe you did a video capture of a Brightcove player and are showing it in a Brightcove player. That may be a first. 🙂

  2. I’m not very technical

  3. The worst part about this is that the actual video of you playing the guitar solo didn’t pick up the guitar very well at all. You can almost here it better from the video in this room.

  4. Maybe a cult is a good idea. I’m in as long as it involves Beer and sacrificing of Doritos :). Corona’s John, Cheers!

    • Jason Jensen
    • May 30th, 2007

    BAAA!!! HAAAA!!!
    Pass the Kool-aid John!! Man, this made my day. Hilarious!!

    Hey, sorry for the OT post and I know you are a classic rock fan but a friend just played the new Queens of the stone age album Era Vulgaris for me…
    The drums and guitar are amazing. I think it’s their pinnacle album. If you like guitar rock with great drums you’ll luv it!

  5. Hey thanks Jason! I’ll check it out for sure – I’ve just been thinking lately I need to get into some new stuff/bands \m/

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