The ‘Circle’ is now complete.

May 25th, 1977 – can you guess what happened that day? Were you alive? This day and age, asking a flasher if he was alive in 77′ is not a weird question. I was 8, and I’ll never forget it. That was opening day for George Lucas’ Star Wars IV – A New Hope.

That was 30 years ago, and apparently, I really liked the movie. I guess it makes me sound old, but I was actually able to see the original Star Wars in theaters. I remember that it was an electric experience – people were just blown away and the lines were insanely long. We’d never seen anything like it! I saw it at a drive-in with my mom and we brought the saint bernard dog in the backseat (who took over the popcorn tub after about 5 minutes into the movie). I swear I didn’t sleep for 3 days after that.

Its funny how life works sometimes. I just had an awesome experience this past weekend. See, I’d been waiting 8yrs for my daughter to be old enough to see Star Wars. And that time finally came.

We sat and watched and for an hour and a half, and I got to be 8 again and see Star Wars through her eyes. She was absolutely glued to the screen! Each scene was an absolute joy for her – the music, the heroics, the characters and the story! She LOVED it! Which is good, cause I’d have been pretty depressed if she didn’t 😉 I think she actually cut off the circulation in my arm during the trench run scene. SHE ROCKS \m/

Anyway, I don’t know why I didn’t put this together, but it just so happens to be the 30th anniversary this month for the original Star Wars movie. I can’t believe the timing – right down to the month, she’s nearly the identical age I was when I first saw it in the theaters – God gives gifts that are total surprises sometimes, and this one was one of the coolest for me.


The circle is now complete.

  1. Oh yeah! I was 12. It became a benchmark of how cool you were to say how many times you had gone to see Star Wars. Remember, this was before DVDs or even VHS or even Betamax. You had to ride your bike to the theater and stand in line and pay hard earned cash to see the movie. I had hardcore friends how had seen it 30 times. I clocked in at a mere three times. I can remember sitting in science class with my friend Scotty W. drawing tie fighters and x-wings and comparing notes on how to draw each.

    The fact that most people I hang out with now were not even born or were in diapers back then… ROCK ON OLD DUDES!!!! \m/

  2. Really nice post, John. You’ll be glad to know that 1977 was a year before my time… and I still feel old! 🙂

    I can totally picture you and your daughter and you loving just how much she’s into it. Makes me look forward to being able to experience that myself. Shouldn’t be too far away, hopefully.


  3. Quite a milestone! I’m glad she liked it. Some movies are timeless!

  4. I was born 15 days later, but was present the day it hit theaters nonetheless… just had a poor view.

  5. OH man, yeah, exactly – it was the ONLY time I actually wanted to go to the mall with my mom. I had realized that she could leave me off at the theater in the mall and I could, yet again, see Star Wars while she shopped. I DO remember it being a badge of honor (how many times you’d seen it).

    I also remember getting a T shirt that said “Darth Vader Lives” – I had to get up in front of class and tell what my shirt said and I looked down and read out loud “Darth Vader LIVE-s” (pronounced with a long ‘I’ as in ‘LIVE’ then add the “s”). Yeah, I got laughed at, but I was the cool one with the iron on patch tShirt 😉

  6. I was 7 when I first saw it. Oh boy was I ever hooked. I lost count after watching it a hundred times on video. I must have listened to the soundtrack a couple of hundreds of times already. I played the boardgame, got the toys, now I have the computer games. Now, I have five kids. My eldest is 7 and I used to tell my little boy stories of going to the theatre to watch this. I wish they can put it on IMAX or a theatre just for the anniversary.

  7. I remember seeing it in the theater for the first time too. I’m not sure what my parents were doing taking their three year old boy to a movie like this, but hey I was very impressed even at that early age. I still remember vividly how the interrogation scene with Darth Vader and Princes Leah scared the crap out of me. It was really the flying droid with the syringe that did it; I was terrified of injections at that age! Anyway, I’m glad that Riley enjoyed the movie and thanks for the trip down memory lane. I had totally forgotten all about iron on T-shirts until now.

  8. OH man, yeah, when she saw that flying orb with the syringe, her eyes got HUGE and she was asking “WHAT’S HE GONNA DO WITH THAT??!? HUH? WHAT’S HE GONNA DO!?”

    man o man, I was laughing cause, when I was 8, I thought that was the coolest thing they never made a toy about 🙂

  9. Dude – should be the ‘circle’ is now complete — I should know … I saw it 51 times 🙂

  10. I was quoting Darth Vader 😉 I’ve always thought he said “circuit” – I should look that up.

    But then again, I always thought 3po said “…the one you’ve been carrying inside your ‘busty’ innards”

    Man, i could start a thread on miss quotes that would last for days.

  11. Ohh and the Jedi master retains his title (IE: I was right)!! I guess seeing it 73 times might have something to do with it.

    ” Darth Vader: I’ve been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet againat last. The circuit is now complete – When I left you, I was but the learner. Now, I am the master.
    Star Wars – A New Hope”

  12. Hmm … there seem to be a number of references that point both ways.

    These have ‘circle’

    Can anyone slow the sound track down enough to tell for sure? Or, is this part of some alien conspiracy 🙂

  13. I’ve a contact at Lucas Films – I’ve asked her to verify for us 🙂

    we shall see!!

  14. Excellent – now is the definitive Flash *and* Star Wars reference!

  15. Well, I was WRONG – the absolute authority (Lucas Films) got back to me, and apparently, it’s officially “circle”:

    from the pros… 🙂

    It’s circle.

    See any published scripts or DVD with subtitles. Novelization adaptations may have variations of the line, but they all say “circle”

    Here’s the image they sent to me:

    Jim was right – he’s now the Jedi Master 🙂

  16. Only a master of evil, Darth … as those who have read my TechNotes will attest 🙂 At least I haven’t turned to the Sliverlight side …

  17. Han shot first.

  18. I actually paused the movie, and explained that to her.

    HAN SHOT FIRST. Oh, and just to be extra geek about it – he’s the ONLY one that shot.

  19. She is 8 years old?

    My daughter was 3 years old when she was hooked to Star Wars…And the best part, she would wake up at 3 am and beg us to switch on the movie to watch!


  20. I am suprised to hear you waited until she was 8. I was born in 82, so I didn’t get to see starwars in the theaters, but my dad made sure I saw it by the time I was about 4 or 5 and I made sure to get my nephew on it when he was about 5. Perhaps it was a bit more nostalgic to wait until she was 8, but I’m just glad you finally completed the circle. =)

  21. hehe yeah, well, my son, who’s name is “Luke” is 4 and he also watched it with us 🙂 I couldn’t watch it with one and not the other. Especially since my son’s named after the lead character.

    🙂 See, I’m not a casual fan. I’m a rabid fan.

    • K
    • May 25th, 2007

    John, I came upon your blog by accident and became involved with your discussion on Star Wars.
    Let’s test your memory. What were you doing around 1989/1990? (BTW-this has nothing to do with Star Wars)

  22. I was in San Luis Obispo living with 3 room mates working as a courier and playing drums in the evenings, and party hopping 🙂

    1990, I left SLO, and moved to LA to make it in music

    how about you?

  23. I only knew one Kerry from SLO 🙂 this couldn’t POSSIBLY be her?!

    • Kerry
    • May 31st, 2007

    WELL–If you mean the Kerry who lived down the street from you–that would be me! I was trying to be sly and find out if YOU were same John Grden I knew in SLO.
    I’m so happy for you! Sounds like you are very busy and doing well.

  24. Hey Kerry, is that your correct email you used to post here? I wrote you one time with the other email you used, and it was returned. Then I wrote to the yahoo address you used for the 2nd post and i dont know if that made it to you or not. Let me know!

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